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US: School district backs down in fight to stop student wearing anti-gay t-shirt

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Reader comments

  1. Someone glitterbomb him…

    1. Gene in L.A. 27 Feb 2013, 1:23am

      No glitterbombing. If we’re free to express our support of gay equality, he’s free to express his opinion against us. Let everyone see the two sides of the discussion and make up their minds on the merits of the arguments.

      1. Julian Morrison 27 Feb 2013, 1:32am

        No tolerance for intolerance.

        Tolerance is just a way to say “tread lightly” when you really mean “get your boot off my neck”, but politics doesn’t yet support the full demand. It’s not something that the guy with the boot gets to deploy back, that would be nonsensical and unjust. For that reason it is NOT symmetric.

        1. Yesterday a news stories came out in the states about Amber Hatcher a 16 yr old lesbian girl from florida who requested to participate in the Day of Silence, a campaign that raises awareness of LGBT bullying and harassment by having students remain quiet for an entire day. The principal forward a notice to all teacher that if a student participated send them to her office. Yesterday Amber filed a lawsuit against the Florida school district that suspended her for participating in the National Day of Silence. Regardless if its this girl or that boy freedom of speech protects both of them. Even if ones views don’t symbolizes the masses. They both have a right to express their views under the first Amendment. This girl symbolizes his competition and believe me she’s winning the good fight at only 16 years old.

        2. PantoHorse 27 Feb 2013, 1:41pm

          I don’t want to be tolerated, I want to be accepted. Tolerate is something you do when the dog farts.

      2. oh you mean like i should be able to wear smilar t-shirt but reffering to jewish or black people?

        1. Darren Theoret 27 Feb 2013, 12:35pm

          Agreed, let the student wear a shirt showing someone wiping their arse with the flag and see how far down the hall he’ll get

      3. Jock S. Trap 27 Feb 2013, 11:19am

        Gene in L.A.

        If it’s not acceptable to show racist, sexism it’s not acceptable to show homophobia.

        We are not the easy target bigots think we are.

    2. You know what his fellow school goers should do, next time this day/event comes along? Wear LGBTQ-positive tees. NOH8 stuff, lots of rainbows, etc. That’d be far more effective at showing how much of a minority this guy is.

  2. The young guy had an active youtube channel showing off his huge collection of guns…he’s pretty stereotypical of what you would expect him to be like reading these articles. His opinion is his own but he is a deluded little freak.

  3. I wonder how soon someone will report him for “inappropriate acts” with his fellow students…

    Bet it takes less than 33 years this time.

  4. In the U.K., secondary/high schools have a policy requiring their pupils/students to wear school uniforms and are very strict in enforcing that policy. If a student is not wearing the correct uniform they are told to go home and change or given ‘detention’!

    Seth Groody’s behaviour would not be tolerated in the U.K. education system and would be a cause for suspension or expulsion from a school.

    The education system in the U.S. must be very different than here in the U.K.

    1. I can’t speak for every school district/location, but from what I have seen in locations I have lived or traveled to in North America, private schools or collegiate establishments seem to be the only ones I recall with a uniform. I know of one christian school that had a uniform. which was discontinued.

      I have a couple of teacher friends who would prefer uniforms as standard because they are an equalizer between all students. They can be handed down in families, prevent personal statements, the distinction of class between wanna be fashion – models or the have and have not families. Uniforms would also prevent the volatile atmosphere that prevails when a school has to confront appropriate – decency attire issues with a parent.

      From time to time uniforms arises as a topic of conversation between business owners and school boards. Troublesome students or grab and run students can’t be as easily tracked – identified without uniforms and are dependent on CCTV

    2. Public schools in the states don’t require uniforms at all. their is a dress code like no heels or mini shirts anything that reveals bellybutton and no thongs “underwear” , Not much on guys dress code i think only no sandals and any thing written on clothing that uses foul language. But Catholic schools and jewish schools have uniforms and private rich schools school but not all private schools…. mine didn’t. They tried to pass a law to make kids where uniforms in public schools but that ain’t happening any time soon. Different cultural what can i say.

  5. I presume that if he had a t-shirt with stick figures representing a black person and a white person holing hands with a red line through it – indicating an opposition to “mixed” marriage – there would have been equally strong campaigning to protect his right to freedom of speech.

    1. Or a T-shirt saying ‘Bring Back Slavery’, or ‘No Votes for Women’, or how about ‘Say No to the Disabled ‘ or ‘Hitler was right – Gas the Gays’?…..Surely the US Constitution doesn’t permit such hate-speech?…..Perhaps the Westborough Baptist Church demonstrates that it does….Is there no such crime as ‘incitement to violence’ such as we have here?…

    2. Why not? There are some black people who also have that view. It may be immoral and illogical but I don’t think that would constitute hate speech.

      Saying “gas the gays” would constitute hate speech and incitement however.

      This kids shirt didn’t say that though. As much as I disagree with his views, the real problem is allowing kids to wear pretty much what they like to school. That is what needs addressing. They are there to learn, not to take part in a fashion parade.

      1. I was replying to David not Mark by the way. Where it comes up, looks like the other way around.

    3. Or a t-shirt with a yellow star with a slash through it or the slogan ‘Hitler was right’ – I wonder if that would also be seen as free speech.

  6. Chester666666 27 Feb 2013, 7:53am

    Homophobia always seems to be protected as free speech yet supporting gays or being doesn’t seem to be supported

    1. That There Other David 27 Feb 2013, 10:10am

      That’s slowly changing over there though. The Free Speech thing is nothing new. Those God Hates…Everybody placards being waved around at funerals prove that. What they’ve never got to grips with is the other side of the coin, that government has a duty to look after all citizens. Especially those who have to face down the mob rule.

      But that finally appears to be changing. I’m hoping that once the USA has got passed the LGB equality debate they’ll carry on and tackle other remaining discrimination that occurs in their society. Us switching from being have-nots to haves doesn’t mean that the final goal has been achieved. All have-nots need to become haves.

  7. Rather like The Admiral Duncan bomber, this person OBVIOUSLY has ‘issues’ about his own sexuality. The more militant the homophobe, the bigger the closet case, in my experience. It is self-hatred gone mad. I hope someone reaslises this and does something about his mental state before he does something REALLY bad.

    1. Jock S. Trap 27 Feb 2013, 11:15am

      Indeed… we only have to see our own catholic leaders to see the proof!

  8. Jock S. Trap 27 Feb 2013, 11:14am

    I take it racist and sexist t-shirts would also be fine to wear too….

    I doubt it somehow, so why is homophobia so acceptable?

    It’s not and it just shows people that if anything religious extremists should be treated as second class citizens not the decent members of society.

  9. Sometimes……..its better to have your enemies 100% visible so people can see the problem. In this case it might just let him see for himself what people think of him and his opinions. Failing that…??

  10. So could I wear a shirt that has a slash through a “We Can Do It” sign and says that supports the notion that women should be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen?

    Or maybe a shirt that has an X through the 13th amendment that supports the notion of slavery of those who aren’t white?

    I’m sorry, but if this were anything but gay rights, there would be a bigger fuss with it. I understand what the ACLU is getting at, but the fact is that hate speech needs to be extended nationally (globally!) to include ALL forms of human rights — including the gay ones.

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