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South African Pastor: Oscar Pistorius is ‘cursed’ for supporting gay rights

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Reader comments

  1. Liam the God 27 Feb 2013, 12:58pm

    Where’s the LOVE? What happened to “Hate the Sin, Love the Sinner”? These Parasitic Preachers and their Posturing Pisses me off! How much of a twisted mind do you need to equate a shooting to gay rights? GRRR!!! Now I have to wash the foam out of my beard again because of this dumb-ass Boer* tosser!
    (*Boer because he still seems stuck in the 18th century)

    1. Well god is just the sort of supernatural being to cause bloody death to a bystander to teach someone else a lesson.

    2. and what did a Boer do to you lately, other than to give you the ability to find some food to put on your table, that makes you put them in the same class as a religious nut… you are aware of the fact that food DOES NOT grow on Grocery store rack’s…. I kid you not, go google it… you will see… and next time you have to wipe the fat out of your beard, from that nice and tender piece of stake you just consumed, think about those Boer’s that you so hate…

      1. Actually, Bougardt appears to be black.

        1. Liam the God 28 Feb 2013, 11:44am

          Not seen a pic of him. Whatever his colour he’s still a dickhead stuck in the 18th century!

      2. Liam the God 28 Feb 2013, 11:43am

        I didn’t use Boer as a term of contempt in general: I used it to signify that he’s stuck in the 18th century, as you would have known had you read ALL my post. People that select certain words out of context PISS ME OFF!!

  2. Barking mad…and like a rabid dog he needs put down

  3. Pastor Bougardt for Pope!

  4. Jamie Caffiera 27 Feb 2013, 1:21pm

    Or, maybe, it could be, that he’s cursed for having eaten that croissant in January…

  5. I love how some (not all) Christians like to speak for God when they say people will go to hell for this and that. There are very few things in the bible that it definitively states people will go to hell for. The bible doesn’t say that gay people or those who support them will go to hell. I wonder when these people developed the power to know who God was sending to hell and who he wasn’t

    1. bloody upstart

  6. PantoHorse 27 Feb 2013, 1:33pm

    Think he’s the one with the problem, since he can only focus on the picking up of boys.

    Relationships between consenting adults do not seem to figure in his argument and nor do lesbians, who appear not to even exist.

  7. I wonder what this unspeakable fuckwit thinks Desmond Tutu has been cursed with for his humane beliefs – old age?

  8. John Briggs 27 Feb 2013, 1:40pm

    Although it’s probably not an obvious view, I hope that the next Pope is somebody like this backward idiot. It’ll help turn more and more people away from the decrepit Catholic church.

  9. Jen Marcus 27 Feb 2013, 1:49pm

    The only “hell” that exists is the one created on this plane of existence by these bigoted,narrow minded,”bible thumping” morons!

  10. How much money did NOM give this guy?

    1. Sadly NOM don’t have the monopoly on bigotry and stupidity it seems.

  11. We are the witches of the 21st century. We cause natural disasters, terrorist attacks and murder just by having oral and anal sex. Powerful lot we are.

    1. Don’t forget the end of civilisation for wanting to get married as well. We are the new X-Men, now what will my superhero name and power be?

      1. In all honesty – that is what X-Men is about lol

      2. We failed to end the world in 2012 :'( Hopefully the next generation will succeed by all marrying the same sex even though they aren’t attracted to them and then the whole world will just DIE DIE DIE without procreating ever again!

        1. LOL! :”’D

  12. Robert A. Cuthbertson, M.D. 27 Feb 2013, 1:57pm

    Ah the love of those christians. It is wonderful to see how supportive, understanding and intelligent they can be when they work at it. How in the hates did he get from point A to point B. Too bad this minister, like so many, picks and chooses what “sky daddy” says.. This one is stark raving mad. A bit like those who beat themselves with whips during the Great Plague to make it go away…

    1. And some of them still practice Flagellation now. there are a lot of crazies out there.

  13. Jock S. Trap 27 Feb 2013, 2:02pm

    What a disgusting remark to make.

    Esp from yet another country that treats women so appallingly.

    Such shameful remarks from religion do nobody any good and this pastor Should be forced to apologise.. Guess that won’t be coming anytime soon because yet again, religion thinks it can discriminate.

  14. Can’t you feel the “Christian” love?
    He’s such a loving, caring man, isn’t he?

  15. Haters and Bigots who oppose both gay rights and gay marriages – should be completly banned from marrying and be sent straight to the gas chambers!

    1. Afraid I’m never gonna advocate ‘gas chambers’ for anyone. :-(

    2. Bit harsh Paul, just because they hate doesn’t mean we should follow them. Were can be better than them.

  16. I think we all have an idea exactly WHO is ‘picking up young boys’, Rev…

  17. A demonic Christian fundamentalist possessed by hatred. Is there any other type?

  18. Bill Cameron 27 Feb 2013, 2:34pm

    This kind of tragedy always brings out the loons, it would seem. I had no idea South Africa had its very own Fred Phelps.

  19. Hurricanes, the pope resigning, now Oscar Pistorius. What next, Beatrice’s hat?

  20. As a South African I am happy to say I have never heard of this Oscar Bougardt, or the Cavalry Hope Ministries. So he’s just trying to get attention.

    Just ignore and move on.

    As for Tutu, Tutu is a wonderful man and a saint on earth who has no fear in
    in challenging both the government and the Church. I doubt there is any other person alive who has done more to stop injustice.

  21. This idiot doesn’t deserve any publicity at all. Maybe he should join up with Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist cult. They both seem consumed with hate and ignorance.

    1. Quite honestly I would prefer the Phelps clan to be nowhere near my country, this crazy pastor is enough thank you

  22. Darren Theoret 27 Feb 2013, 3:55pm

    It seems more like the girlfriend was cursed…she got killed, right? If it gets worse than that, I don’t know.

  23. Yet another closeted homophobe no doubt

  24. I’d rather burn in hell with a righteous, Christ-like man like Desmond Tutu than to be in heaven with an evil, judgmental and hateful excuse for a human being like you. It would be hell in heaven for me!

  25. If he is going to say stupid and discriminatory things about other people till he die, lets hope he dies soon.

  26. blame us for that too?? as a pastor he must know that according to the bible, all suffering is brought about the world by a heterosexual couple (ref. Genesis)…and he isn’¨t making things better, is he?

  27. Absolutely infuriating. What is so funny is that the Christians abhor homosexuals, sinners, and anything they don’t understand – but their Jesus would be hanging out with me at the lunch table. Not them.

    Bougardt is pompous and bigoted. Live and let live – it isn’t his place nor his business to spread such hate and slander. Homosexuals are not responsible for his country’s high crime rates.

    Meaningless hate smdh.

  28. GayAtheist 27 Feb 2013, 8:50pm

    This closet case jesus freak should realise that there is no god!

  29. I am afraid that I cannot see how this pastor came to this logic. Firstly as a Christian one would expect to believe in a loving God who does not punish anyone. Secondly, if, as he says homosexuality is indeed a sin, how is it different from any other sin that you or I might commit everyday? I see no evidence in the Bible of one sin being graded as better or worse than another. Finally, is God not the only judge in the Bible? By judging gay people, or any other people this pastor not elevating himself to the position of God? Surely that must be a sin, and by my reckoning, if sins are graded as this pastor would seem to imply, surely elevating ones self to the level of God would be far more of a sin than any other.
    As for Oscar Pistorius, perhaps we should all stop judging him, seeing as we are not God. Whether he killed Reeva Steenkamp deliberately or in a tragic accident, that fact itself will haunt him for the rest of his life. Surely that is punishment enough?

  30. Did the pastor conveniently forget about the passage ‘He who is without sin, cast the first stone’? I’m so sick of religious bigots.

  31. From Bougardt’s website: I am willing to officiate your marriage at home, beach, church or any where you want to tie the knot in the City or country 365 days per year, 24 hours per day. I also assist non South Africans who would like to marry in our country, and I also assist people of all religions in getting married, I also officiate Non Religious Marriages. I am a born again Christian and due to my conviction and as a follower of Christ I do not officiate/solemnize marriages under the South Africa Civil Union Bill (meaning I do not officiate marriages of same sex couples). Please do not request that I officiate Civil Union marriages and my answer may offend.

    ‘Nuff said.

  32. He’s ‘cursed’ for living in a country with such a disgusting record on human rights abuses and which tolerates the kind of childish but dangerous bile pumped out by preachers like this. Scarey.

  33. Why are so many of these “pastors” complete nutbowls ?

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