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Rugby star Ben Cohen: ‘I think there is a bit of a witch hunt to find a gay footballer’

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Reader comments

  1. It’s shameful there aren’t more out sports people. But the way to fix that is not to find some poor person in the closet and drag them out – it’s an indictment of the game and sport’s culture which need to change so they feel free to come out

  2. I LOVE BEN COHEN !!!!!!!!

    1. He most certainly is a very very handsome man. If you “love” Ben Cohen, Michael, imagine how all the heterosexual women out there must be feeling! Although he’s a happily married man, they must feel they are a little bit closer to him than all we gay admirers! :-)

      1. I know. Such a shame really lol. Its just so refreshing having someone like Ben to fight for our corner.

  3. Ben is right to say that a person needs to feel confident enough to come out, but I don’t think there’s a “witch hunt” to find a gay footballer. Is it not more a case of a desire for gay footballers to come out. Wanting is different than demanding.

  4. Patrick Mc Crossan 27 Feb 2013, 7:53pm

    The gay community are obsessed with people coming out. Not everyone wants to be openly gay and screaming their tits off. When someone is ready they will do it. Also we are such a small minority and we are ( some of us) obsessed with gaining things in an aggressive way upsetting everyone whilst doing it. My homophobe grandmother was won round by liking a gay charachter on Emmerdale. It was not rhrust in her face, did not upset her religious views, was handled well, and she then decided you gay people are ok. So lets not be demanding, and get there by being reasonable, putting the message across nicely and letting people have time to take on board what we are saying. I love my ex homophobe nan. :-)

    1. Your nan demonstrates why it’s really important public figures do come out. We all know there are homosexual footballers. We can all understand that they don’t necessarily want to come out (we all know it’s hard to start with). But what is wrong is the denial of homosexuality in football and the fact premier league stars have heterosexual lives invented for the sake of their careers and clubs. That puts a stop to the more laid back approach of “oh, you don’t have a girlfriend. You’ve never had a girlfriend. Are you gay?” – “Yes” – “OK”.

  5. Perhaps the tabloids are like that, but the sports world and the media have colluded with each other, and enjoyed that lucrative relationship for decades, and depended on putting stars in the spotlight, fuelling celebrity culture. The tabloid media will always be interested in the inane.

    Ideally, sports personalities would be banished to the back pages. In 100 years, I doubt any of the footballing greats will be known about, apart from fanatical followers of the game.

    Professionals on their mega salaries aren’t so important as vulnerable young people, perhaps in youth teams of big clubs hearing fans ridicule people like them. I doubt there is any call from gay people for another out gay trophy sports star. If there is, people should read a book or something.

  6. …can I just say/put something in it’s rightful place. As much as Ben Cohen is doing a load of good for gay men in football/sports etc. it’s important for everyone to understand that there is no such thing as trying to find a Gay footballer? Nearly half of all footballers are homosexual though they may not be gay. Until this is understood we’ll keep getting abuse.

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