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Complaints over Harvey Nichols ‘lesbian kiss’ ads dismissed by Advertising Standards Authority

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Reader comments

  1. Takes a typically boneheaded religious wingnut to make a correlation between the word “thyself” and their faith.

    Let me guess, they think that their dogmatic handbook of crap was actually written in English….

    And sexually explicit? Oh dear, I guess they REALLY don’t get out much (or like to feverishly masturbate over everything a, and then damn themselves for it later).

    Good for Harvey Nichols. While obvious to anyone but the most dimwitted it was a mirror image. But good of them to say – and so what if they WERE lesbians…

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 27 Feb 2013, 4:58pm

    17 complaints? Is that all? Doesn’t even beg any attention. The next time I see Ann Widdecombe’s face in the media I’m going to complain that i find it offensive, in fact any of those Tory bigots.

  3. Hahahaha

  4. Not Straight? Want to find a mate? – I would like to recommend you to the world’s best lesbian seeking&dating site for world wide lesbians.

  5. Cardinal Fang 1 Mar 2013, 4:40pm

    If you look closely you can see they’re just rubbing noses.

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