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US radio host praises African countries for refusing to decriminalise homosexuality

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Reader comments

  1. Tell her to go and live on an island of her own.

    1. She’s already in a world of her own

    2. A very good idea, Jim. Send her here to the South Pacific. We have lots of lovely islands here.
      Lots of lovely islands that are going to disappear due to rising sea levels…

  2. Get a life love, and leave us to ours.

  3. Dave north 26 Feb 2013, 4:55pm

    Could PN stop using this ancient photoshopped image of this vile old harpy.

    As you can see the wicked old snarks face has went south.

    1. Gary Farrimond 26 Feb 2013, 5:02pm

      I think in both mug shots she looks demonic & unhinged

    2. Both photos are a correct…
      She just looks younger after…
      Drinking the blood of a young virgin!

  4. It’s depressing to think there are people this deluded in the world, let alone having a public platform in a country of the US’s scale.

    I’d love to know, since she’s opposed to the idea of population control (!), how keen she would be for the US to be overrun with all those keen (“Third World”) Africans, Christian or otherwise. Somehow I have the feeling she’d turn out to be a NIMBY, though perhaps I’m being unfair…

  5. Stupid woman doesn’t know that “humanitarian” means “of benefit to mankind,” and therefore “humanitarian disgrace” is a nonsensical collocation (even though one hears ugly solecisms like “humanitarian disaster”).

    Criminalization of homosexuality in Africa is an ugly leftover from colonial rule, and more African states should rid themselves of it, as South Africa has done.

  6. Abuse of power??????? I’m shocked. What should we call when the conservative are pushing their own bigottery anti-gay and anti-women’s right agenda? Reading for dummy?

  7. And I suppose she supports the execution of gays as well. How very very Christian of her. Stupid, deluded old bag. I could go on but honestly…I’m at a loss.

  8. Gary Farrimond 26 Feb 2013, 5:24pm

    What really disturbs me isn’t so much the Linda Herpes of this world, its the fact people actual listen, take notice of & actuallly believe their deranged rantings and lies!

    Further is it me or does she have a look of Fred Phelps of the Westboro cult? Perhaps Fred is moonlighting in drag OMG now there is a scary thought

    1. Gary Farrimond…
      Please stop giving Herpes a bad name…!
      Perhaps we could refer to her as…

  9. Please stop giving this woman the oxygen of publicity.

  10. Equality = “humanitarian disgrace” according to this woman.

  11. “US radio host…” Sigh.

    It’s obviously a slow news day whenever PN dredges one of these items up.

    In other ‘news’ :-

    ● Sun disappears overnight.

    ● Bear defecates in woods.

    ● Dog bites man.

    ● New pope rumoured to be a Roman Catholic.

    ● Jimmy Savile is still dead.

    ● Traffic queues on M25.

    ● Traffic warden issues parking ticket.

    If I wanted to know what these US bigots were ranting about, I’d tune in online.

    Just gives us some real news, not this predictable non-news !

  12. Hope if she has children, at least one will come out as gay.
    What a hateful bitch to think gays should be treated as criminals.

    1. Nikki, you may think and even believe that would be poetic justice for her, but for her kid? nah you wouldn’t wish a parent like her on any one. A child would live a life of hell on earth. Surely you can’t seriously wish that on any LGBT child where is the logic in that kind of thinking

      If you ever get a chance watch a movie called “Prayers for Bobby” for further insight into how illogical that kind of wishful thinking is.

  13. Linda Harvey is a poor saphead with mush for brains, she is to be pitied as she is probably beyond help.

  14. Oh its you again. Go and get some more botox treatment done.

  15. CP Michigan 26 Feb 2013, 11:00pm

    She should go take a visit, maybe to Darfur. She could bring all of her girlfriends! They’ll have so much fun!!!

  16. Linda Harvey’s (Mission America) facebook page has a total of 3 likes. I refuse to even get into the discussion about the wacked opinion of a person THAT unimportant.

  17. Two simple words: brainless bitch

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