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US: 75 leading Republicans call on Supreme Court to strike down same-sex marriage Prop 8 ban

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Reader comments

  1. Clearly welcome, but I always think it should be made clear whether some of these signatories for these types of things are actually influential any more. The Republican party is pretty brutal when you lose or retire, it’s hit or miss whether they’ll still give a damn what you think. Hopefully there is a smattering of big-wigs in this list that can twist a few arms at national and state level though.

  2. The republicans as a party are split on the issue of marriage equality, but the more practical, election-minded know when a group like LGBTs has gained political power and must be recognized and assimilated. The neanderthals who think it’s still worthwhile to pander to the evangelical extremists & biblical literalists will hold on until they’re voted out of office. There’s nothing more powerful than a trend whose time has come.

  3. Though I welcome any and ALL support for the cause I must point out that the headline is misleading. A more accurate headline would have been, “75 FORMER Leading Republicans…” since 90% of the people on that list are out of office.

  4. johnny33308 26 Feb 2013, 8:31pm

    Well, it seems a very hot place has finally frozen over! Surprise! Just another sign of the Great Awakening…humanity is finally growing into what we are supposed to become. It is indeed awesome to be alive at this time! Positivity is replacing negativism as a way of life….

  5. Every single person out of the 75 republicans are NOT in office. A big part because many of them where to Liberal when they where elected or ran for a position. If its a sitting republican in congress or the senate signed this i would give a shit. But it does not even matter, republicans didn’t come for the ride to fight for LGBT rights. Democrats fought for LBGT rights around 80’s 90’s and earily 00’s when it was not even a popular thing to support. Does not even matter America knows which party fought for our right first

  6. What percentage is “75 leading Republicans”? I mean, as someone not familiar to US politics. Is 75 a big number? Is it a tiny fraction, roughly 50%
    I’m curious to know. How many “leading repubicans”are there, over all?

  7. John Briggs 27 Feb 2013, 9:00am

    They’re finally getting that if they want to get elected, they have to turn their back on their extremist, fundamentalist members.

  8. GingerlyColors 27 Feb 2013, 12:15pm

    The party that once gave us Clause 28 are now trying to bring in marriage equality so I cannot see why the Republican Party cannot become more inclusive in the near future. Jon Huntsman is one to watch in the next round of Presidential hopefuls when Barak Obama has to step down in less than four years time.

  9. Now they are afraid and come running. And we are supposed to be the bigger men, clap them on the shoulder and forgive them for all the hurt they have caused before, I guess.
    Let’s forgive but not forget.

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