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Texas teen boy fights to wear dress to high school prom

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Reader comments

  1. Christopher 26 Feb 2013, 9:48pm

    I don’t get that kind of bravery. I’m just trying to come out as a dude who likes dudes and I’m struggling with that.

    1. Christopher in Canada 26 Feb 2013, 11:46pm

      The sooner you dive in, the sooner you get used to the water.

  2. Christopher in Canada 26 Feb 2013, 11:45pm

    Again, a girl wears a tux, and nobody could care less. Put a man in a dress, and civilization crumbles. Why???

    Let’s force the girls to all wear unique gowns that are cut to reveal their bodies, and put men in clone tuxes that show NOTHING about their endowments or physiques. Something very strange about all this, eh? Why have we inherited this practice, and why did it ever start in the first place?

    1. Although on the surface it seems to be the exact opposite, I am willing to bet the reason is similar to why in Iran, women are expected to cover up completely.

      Men make the rules. It is men’s view of women in both those societies that evolves these rules. And as a direct consequence also men’s view of themselves.

  3. First point I wonder on is why the hell people care what anyone else wears.

    Secondly,an event such as a prom should be all about the benefit of the students attending, which might not conform to what the people running the school might want for their own prom. But once again it’s all about the ‘school image’ and crap lines like that. Heaven forbid it should be about the students themselves.

  4. This kids bravery is astounding.

    I hope he gets his wish… (Please keep us informed PN).

    1. I hope she gets her wish.

      1. So if he thinks he’s black when in fact he’s white, does that make him black or white?

        1. Are you ignorant or are you ignorant?

          1. I was replying to Paula’s stupid remark. Not sure why that makes me ignorant or ignorant.

      2. It didn’t say he identifies as female, though, just that he prefers wearing female clothes.

  5. Fuck formal dress code. If I ran a school I’d have a ‘come as you are’ policy. I’m glad in a way that I never went to prom because it is so full of rules, when it should be the one time you can be yourself and wear what you want. I don’t care if a guy wants to come in a dress, more power to him I say. It’s the school and teachers who are the real problem.

    1. The prom culture is the real problem. It is about conservatism and fitting in. If you are really anti it you just shouldn’t go. If enough people just didn’t go it would die out. It is a complete anachronism in this day and age.

      I don’t really follow why a man who wants to dress as a woman would even want to go to something this old fashioned and synthetic. I would have thought there were far better places to go.

      I wouldn’t have gone to my school disco if I’d been paid.

  6. Dressing formally for the prom is traditional. I agree with dress codes on certain occasions. I understand the school wishing to keep hold of their traditions and I hope they can open their minds to the wishes of this student. Why shouldn’t he wear a dress if it complies with the dress code?

    1. The tradition they are trying to preserve should actually be thrown out, it is past it’s sell by date.

      His going in a dress isn’t traditional. So you either preserve tradition and stop him doing it or you throw out the tradition. You can’t actually do both.

      It reminds me of a vox pop I heard about getting rid of the monarchy here. The lady said no we should keep the monarchy, but I would rather have Anne than Charles. You can’t keep the monarchy AND choose your head of state. If you want the choice get rid of the monarchy.

      Likewise, if you want men to wear dresses to the prom you first need to get rid of the prom.

  7. Red dress with blond wig? I’m not sure about that combination.

    I guess it depends on the red.

    Perhaps the college head has similar reservations.

  8. Big surprise, the misgendering of Trans people continues in media. I am honestly fairly appalled at the carrying of this story using male pronouns when referring to her; her bravery deserves better than this.

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