Reader comments · Leader of South Africa’s Agang Party says being gay is ‘how God created us’ · PinkNews

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Leader of South Africa’s Agang Party says being gay is ‘how God created us’

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Reader comments

  1. Good on her. She makes such a clear point with such simply commonsense words.

  2. DivusAntinous 26 Feb 2013, 7:36pm

    If only more African nations had parties like that.
    One day, long after we’re all dead, the planet will be free of the sort of barbaric discrimination that we see today. Stuff like this reminds me of that. :)

  3. A gay-friendly Christian! Wow! We don’t hear of them much these days. She’s welcome in the UK anytime and I really hope she becomes South Africa’s leader.

  4. The more I hear of her the more certain I am that I am going to vote for her in next year’s elections. She’s an educated woman.

    1. A good choice Kevin, if you do vote for her! Africa needs leaders like her … the world does!

    2. David in Indianapolis 26 Feb 2013, 9:32pm

      I hope she ends up running! What an inspiring lady she is! And her words are beautiful and so very true!

  5. Thats where our aid money should go, to help her educate people. A voice against the bigots of hate

  6. I like this lady a lot. A voice of reason and love in a wilderness of hate and bigotry.

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