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New Zealand

Poll: More New Zealanders support equal marriage than oppose it

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Reader comments

  1. Typical christian scum – a religion of slaughter and conquest – spreading it’s foul filthy fingers around the world and inflicting its pathetic dogmatic crap on those who don’t give a damn about their psychotic little desert djinn.

    I could not despise them more.

  2. “commissioned by Family First, and run by Curia Market”?! Sounds like a Christian-based organization. I’m confident that in such a progressive country like NZ the percentage of supporters is actually higher. The sooner we get rid of religions, the better.

  3. I am sick and tired of religions spewing out dirt, lies and filth about gay people. We gay men pay taxes too and it is time there bloody taxed too!

    They use there large sums of money on anti-gay campaigns or advertisements in both political and elections on political parties or candidates!

    Churches are the most hypercritical organisations in the world storing large sums of cash in Offshore banks accounts (such as Jersey) in the Channel Islands!

    If I was a politician or lawmaker, the first bill to introduce is to tax religion!

    Taxation Legislation (Churches And Other Religious Organisations – Getting Rid Of All Tax Exemptions) Bill 2013

    The second bill is to allow full equal civil marriage for all couples, regardless of what’s between you legs!!!!!

    Full Civil Marriage Equality For Gay Couples And Repeal All Other Laws That Discriminate Against Gays Bill 2013

    For example other discriminatory legislation actually means both blood donation and equal jury services!

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