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Marvel Comics’ Wolverine reveals love for and kisses demigod Hercules

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Reader comments

  1. Many a fantasy come true. HOORAH!

  2. That There Other David 25 Feb 2013, 5:12pm

    Now, let’s have Hugh Jackman sign up for another Wolverine movie!!

  3. Wolverine has not “come out as gay”.

    This is a cheap attempt to jump on the LGBT bandwagon and appear to be hip and with it.

    Just as in the case of Green Lantern, this is NOT the main character who has come out. It’s an “alternate universe” version of the superhero.

    So how about actually making a REAL main character gay instead of one from an easily cancelled alternate reality series?

    1. Virtually all main characers are decades old with defined sexuality.

      It would make no sense for some of them to suddenly become gay.

      1. Yeh it implies that it’s that ‘choice’ thing so many homophobes like to talk about!

        I love my comics and it’s great seeing gay characters….but it’s geting silly now. Everyone but their mother seems to be gay in the comic universe!

  4. The Halcyon 25 Feb 2013, 6:25pm

    Give it a year, then some magical event will happen reverting him back to his heterosexuality. Nothing is constant in comic books these days, except the inconsistency.

  5. Folks, it’s an alternate-universe version of Wolverine. It’s not the “real” one. This is like saying that if Nightcrawler from an alternate universe where the Germans won World War II was a Nazi, that the main Nightcrawler was a Nazi. That’s not the case. That’s the whole point of alternate universes.

    Personally, I’m still a little mystified why people should boycott all of DC Comics over Orson Scott Card writing a single Superman story for them, but not Marvel when he wrote two Ultimate Iron Man mini-series for them. That’s a hell of a lot more work he did for Marvel.

  6. I don’t care if its an AU or not…I think it’s a lovely depiction. Very touching.

  7. Yep, Howlett is not the ‘mainstream’ Wolverine. And his gayness was implied from the start of the series, in conversations with Alison (Dazzler). It’s hardly a ‘shock! horror!’ revelation.

  8. This is alt-James Howlett. However, I’ve always thought of Wolverine as bisexual anyway – with the length of his life and constant memory gaps as well as variety of ‘shown’ lovers, he’s always been ‘probably bi’ in my head-canon. This storyline gave us gorgeous scenes in spite of it not being ‘THE Wolverine’. I don’t mind AUs and alt-lines, they’re the bread and butter of the comic industry.

  9. this needs to be on the cover of Bear Magazine

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