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Football v Homophobia toolkit backed by West Ham and England manager

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Reader comments

  1. Don Harrison 25 Feb 2013, 9:51pm

    That is good news that now at last the Clubs and the England Manager are taking on board the need to tackle the homophia out there amoungst the suporters.

  2. Why is any reference to same sex relationships always pink? Is it because the nazis labelled us with pink triangles? Change the fecking colour.

    Good on west ham though, and Kevin Nolan.

    1. Yes Mark, pink comes from the pink triangle badges on the uniforms of gay men put into concentration camps by the Nazis. Originally intended as a badge of shame, the pink triangle has been reclaimed as an international symbol of gay pride and the gay rights movement. As it has been adopted as a symbol for gay rights it is nothing to be ashamed of.

      Black was the colour adopted as a lesbian symbol of pride and solidarity. The black triangle was used in Nazi concentration camps to mark prisoners as ‘asocial’, the category in which lesbians were included by the Nazis, and since being adopted as a lesbian symbol of defiance against repression and discrimination it is considered a counterpart to the pink triangle.

      1. Who said I was ashamed, maybe you are, but not me. I just don’t like the colour pink, it reminds me of my grandmas bathroom, my mums living room, barbie dolls, my nieces presents I buy her at christmas, girls clothes, lipstick, everything I don’t like. I think using the colour that an oppressor labelled us with is stupid, not an act of courage. Do jews use a yellow star of david – no. And quite right too, why would they?

        1. No! I’m most definitely not ashamed. LOL.

          As Jeffrey said below…this is PinkNews!

          Pink has been the colour adopted for the gay rights movement and gay pride for decades. As the saying goes, “It’s here, it’s queer and it ain’t going away”.

          What colour would you prefer, Mark?

    2. Ummm…. This is PinkNews, is it not??

  3. Great comments by Roy Hodgson and Kevin Nolan. Hopefully the other clubs make a point of supporting the Football v. Homophobia campaign.

  4. Yet another reason to be proud to be a West Ham supporter. :)

  5. I’m surprised and rather impressed that West Ham have taken a public stance like this, given the UK football world’s reluctance to come out (as it were) in support of stamping out homophobia. Let’s hope this example will soon be followed by other teams.

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