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Comment: The loss of Robbie Rogers should shame football into action

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Reader comments

  1. To suggest that Robbie retired purely as a consequence of his coming out is, I’m afraid, a little disingenuous. His career has been one blighted by injury, something that has prematurely ended the careers of a good number of players, and he also has business interests outside of football.

  2. Robbie has had a bad run of injuries in the english game and this will be one of the major reasons why he retired. Secondly english football transfer rules differ from the MLS. Chicago “bought” his contract whilst Robbie was over in England without his consent. This how the draft system works over there, peoples can be bought and sold without the acceptance of the players decision. Maybe we should be looking at the problem of ‘slavery’ than aspect of sexuality. Would you like to be forced to work for someone you never even asked to join or spoke too, its not on really, is it?

  3. I wonder, if roles were reversed would Adrian Tippetts have the balls to stay in the game? Like in football it’s so easy sitting on the sidelines and trying to dictate things. But to actually be in the position Robbie is….is something that I don’t envy!

  4. Thanks for the comments. Refreshing to be the dissenting opinion for once.

    If you look at the resignation letter, full of pain about hiding behind the mask, it’s clear that it weighed on him through his career. Being out was a no-go till the end. That is no discredit to Robbie.

    To the question, what if the roles were reversed, well, I think Adrian Tippetts the football player would welcome a vision about how to live, ideas about what matters in life, how to confront bigotry and how to salvage my dignity. I’m powerless and accountable to no-one; by definition I cannot dictate. A pro player would be fully used to trainers and good friends giving a harsh prod in the right direction and telling harsh truths, like the fact that living in the closet is a nothing existence, a recipe for failure and self-hatred. And whether Adrian Tippetts or Robbie Rogers existed or not that would still be an uncomfortable fact.

  5. UK footballers should follow the example from a recent game in Europe when both sides left the field when a small group in the crowd persisted with homophobic chants. Either security guards evict verbal bigots or the game ends. Zero tolerance of homophobia! Yeah it would be difficult but unless players and clubs take a stand, then the problem will continue.

  6. Wow, he is cute and hot!

    $50 says he is taken – all the good looking ones are always taken!

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