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Batwoman proposes to her girlfriend amidst DC Comics anti-gay Superman writer row

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Reader comments

  1. Wish a hot red head would propose to me. Love Kate Kane (Batwoman) its just a shame when ever their is lesbian character in video games or comics a lot of people think its just titillation for straight men. This breaks me and makes me sad.

    I love gay fem women but unfortunatley their is a lot of women especially in the media that pretend to be bi. This makes me sick and hurt when they put on this phony front.

    Either you want to be with us or go away. Us lesbians and Bisexual women have feelings too you know :'(

    1. It is one of the reasons I don’t call myself a Lesbian. I think lesbian, I think sweaty straight bloke getting his jollies over apparent ‘lesbians’ in porn!

      We’re never referred to as gay in porn…so I identify as gay! :)

  2. I’ve been reading Batwoman. Not had this issue yet! Stories have been brilliant and she’s just hot. Especially as Batwoman.
    Not sure who I’d choose to play her in a live action version….Sorry I digressed! lol

    As for this anti guy writer! What was DC thinking of?

  3. Isn’t the term lesbian a bit sexist? After all there is no equivalent term to describe us gay men.
    I agree with Mickie, I associate the word with porn, and str8 men slavering over images of two women.

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