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Video: Gay Mormon student posts video of himself coming out

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Reader comments

  1. gay + mormon = confused

    gay + ex mormon = happier

    1. If any of them want to leave the Mormon Church, there’s always room at my place. I’d never kick any of them out ;-)

  2. I think it is sad when he says that he will always be single … just because your gay doesn’t mean you have to give up on love you can still have a non-sexual relationship with someone. I hope that you live a happy life though, just remember there are other branches of christianity which are accepting.

    1. He says the church won’t change it’s view, it already has on other issues which were set in stone, like racism.

      1. The Church never taught racism. Now things may have been said by leaders many years ago, but this has NEVER been doctrine.
        The same as other Church leaders from other religions have said things in the past, LDS leaders still have their own opinions like anyone else. If you wish to know more please let me know and I will be willing to help.

        1. Okay, if that’s true when were black people allowed to become full members? I’ll answer for you; not until the mid 70’s. Before that they taught that black people were essentially cursed.

  3. What actually sucks is that this young guy is still suckered in by the ridiculous beliefs of the bogus Mormon “religion”.

    1. To be fair, it’s no more ‘bogus’ than any other religion. It’s just newer.

  4. My heart goes out to this young man – who feels that he needs to deny himself to love and be loved – in order to please a greedy homophobic false cult.

  5. Many people are angry about this video, and I can see why. Saying “orientation can’t be changed but homosexual sex is sinful” is a recipe for self-hatred and loneliness. It makes relationships all but impossible. And sex is important for most people’s well-being.

    And it is likely that this video will be used by the LDS to encourage gay people to stay, depriving themselves of the profound fulfilment that romantic relationships offer.

    But Mr Hales seems gay in both senses – truly joyful – and that is helpful. Many religious conservatives believe that gay orientation is inherently diseased and must be changed. Mr Hales’s happy disposition demonstrates that gay people are not sick or depressed, and may start to change a few minds.

    As long as he doesn’t criticise those who decide to leave the LDS, I think Mr Hayes will do more good than harm.

    And I hope that he will find love, with or – more likely – without celibacy.

    PS Pretty good Mandarin. 我是同志 indeed ;)

    1. He didn’t say 同志 though :P

      He used the full formal 同性戀

  6. Brave of him to make this video. It’s a pity that his religion has a hold on him. If only he could break those chains and be free. He’s now come out. All he has to do is get out of the chains of his religions.

    1. oops…as he is a Mormon and Mormon only I should have left the ‘s’ off the end of religion!

  7. Hopefully, he’ll realize that he can be a Spiritual person and be gay and he doesn’t have to be celibate. Hopefully, he’ll study some alternative progressive Christian views.

  8. A live devoid of a loving relationship is a sad existence.

    I hope his coming out leads to more critical thinking. I would suggest Tom Paine’s Age of Reason, to knock ideas of imaginary intergalactic heavens etc. on the head.

  9. Christopher in Canada 24 Feb 2013, 2:06pm

    He needs to talk to Richard Dawkins – STAT!!!

  10. Well, he may seem happy now BUT….. I’m annoyed that he is so steeped in his cult that his only way of expressing his true nature is to resolve to be celibate. Surely he can see this is a pretty sick situation. Maybe in time he’ll get real. I hope some of those close friends and family will encourage him to find true fulfilment with another person.
    Richard seemed pretty gay too.

  11. Christopher in Canada 25 Feb 2013, 12:54pm

    Those interested in the Mormon/Gay thing would appreciate the movie “Latter Days”, watchable in its entirety for free on Youtube.

  12. LOL so he’s going to remain single because of some superstition?

    Needs to see a shrink!

  13. Un Sospiro 3 Mar 2013, 8:44pm

    “The doctrine of the Mormon Church isn’t going to change”
    Ha. Haha. Hahaha! AHAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s a good one.

  14. Broke out of the closet, but not out of the cult.

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