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Pope’s spokesman refuses to comment on gay blackmail allegations

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 22 Feb 2013, 2:28pm

    Yeah, I bet he does.

    Bloody nasty Hypocrites!


    Dat bitch got served

  3. Common sense 22 Feb 2013, 2:45pm

    That must mean it is all true

  4. Nemesis

  5. ColinJones 22 Feb 2013, 2:53pm

    For some reason Benedict reminds me of the evil emperor in Star Wars. All he needs is a black cloak and hood.

    1. Katie Kool-eyes 22 Feb 2013, 3:47pm

      There you go, the transformation is complete:

      1. That link didn’t work for me, Katie, but this does. Hopefully it’s the one you meant?

        1. David Myers 23 Feb 2013, 9:32am

          Ah it all makes sense now! But I don’t think they were separated at birth – but not until after they shared common “experiences” at Nazi Youth camp!

  6. it must be the least effective gay lobby ever!

    1. Although if this bunch of gay cardinals is verified and exposed, they could actually cause 1000s more to quit the odious Catholic church, and to turn liberal and secular, as is continuing to happen in Ireland, and that could actually make those gay cardinals one of the MOST effective gay lobbies ever!

  7. I initially read this as ” a network of gay pirates” :D

    Not quite as exciting then, but it certainly brought a smile to my face reading this. Comeuppance, I think.

  8. Prelates meeting for liaisons in “a villa outside the Italian capital, a sauna in a Rome suburb, a beauty parlour in the centre, and a former university residence that was in use by a provincial Italian archbishop”?

    It’s a scandal.

    1. I was surprised to see recently that there’s a club in Rome that does “Boots Only” nights (all guests required to be completely nude except for shoes). I betcha there’s been a bishop or two in there as well! As for the priests too, well given that you see them in London clubs, there’s no doubting they’re to be seen in such places in Rome as well.

  9. The hypocrisy is unbelievable. If you are gay, why would you belong to an organization that is so homophobic? Kind of sick really.

    1. Yes, Nikki, it is sick, but the reason why young men still flock to the Catholic priesthood is because it enables them to avoid dealing with their sexuality.

      You may be interested to know that most of the new “vocations” coming forward to the monasteries and seminaries are not young men from progressive societal groups, but rather immigrants from Africa, Asia, and certain Eastern European nations, i.e. backward societies where there is still no chance of being a happy and well-adjusted LGBT.

      I was recently looking at the website of the Dominican Order in Australia. Nearly all of its new intake were young men from Indonesia, the Philippines, and so forth.

      So while we may revel in the slow death of this vile institution in the progressive West, it is unfortunately gaining new recruits in the developing world.

      1. I am one of these Catholic young men who visited a Franciscan monastery because religious people had prophecies and visions that I have a calling to the priesthood. I stayed in the monastery for a night but it hit me really hard that I couldn’t be a priest because of my sexuality – I was sexually attracted to the one monk. I have a degree in theology and last year while studying teaching I left the Church for 6 months for various reasons and had the same reasoning as Anne Hathaway about her brother that we shouldn’t support a religion that doesn’t support us but what you will find when you leave a heterosexist religion is that you can’t escape heterosexism because it’s an idea/belief/prejudice/assumption that is universal. Jesus said “Love your enemies” and that’s why I returned to dearest Mother Church. I’m Lebanese so the religion and culture are intertwined and I returned to fulfill a psychological need for belonging and community. I’m an outcast in both the LGBT and in my religion.

        1. Just curious to know if you are out to your family and friends, buddy.

          1. Yes I am now out to everyone :) Not sure if I am going to marry a man or become a priest. Hopefully I’ll be able to do both.

          2. @Kevin –

            Either way, I imagine your franciscan spirituality is related to liberation theology, right?

          3. Well I went to a Franciscan monastery because of the visions and prophecies not because I necessarily have a Franciscan spirituality and the college I attended was a liberal Catholic college and I was taught by Jesuits and a Dominican. I learned about liberation theology. I’m more into mysticism and believe in freedom and equality. Why? :)

          4. Just curious.. :D

            Good luck.

        2. Kevin, you wrote: “I returned to fulfil a psychological need for belonging and community. I’m an outcast in both the LGBT and in my religion.”

          I can fully understand your having missed the feeling of community. This “loss of community” makes leaving an order, or even the church in general, very difficult. One feels lost, at sea, isolated, without the presence of the community. But the secret, Kevin, is to REPLACE that community with a far better one! For example, in most big cities, you can join humanist groups, rationalist groups, and all sorts of societies which do not require their members to believe in the nonsense and hocus-pocus of religions.

          Once you cast religion in the gutter, where it belongs, there’s no need to feel an outcast from LGBTs. Just locate the 1000s of LGBTs who have ALSO cast religion aside. We’re here. Just find us. There’s a group somewhere near you, I am sure.

          1. Well I’m in both communities but feel like an outcast because I’m in both. I have returned to religion according to the third and fourth stages of spiritual development as outlined by M. Scott Peck. So I view religion in a much more rational and mystical way instead of the literal way.

          2. Kevin, thanks for your response.

            I can’t see how it’s possible to ever view religion, which is by definition completely irrational, given that their is no evidential basis for it, in a rational way. A “mystical way”, yes, I am sure that’s possible – in fact a complete mystery, a scenario which can only ever be a mystery, requiring blind belief, can only be appreciated in a mystical way!

        3. No Kevin, please don’t think your an outcast; as an active gay man (and catholic) I’m well aware how difficult some people’s situation can be, and as a gay man I’m not prepared to consider any LGBT person an outcast.

          1. Awwww thank you so much :)

    2. DarthEVaderCheney 24 Feb 2013, 12:46am

      Ahhhh, but what a clandestine cover for a Catholic-sponsored Papal Sex Fest! I mean, who’d ever guss?!? (Ohhh…that?!)

  10. Ha! I knew some scandal would come out following the old hypocrites ‘retirement’. He jumped before being pushed I reckon. Nemesis indeed.

  11. People used to view the Pope as a God himself, now people are waking up to the seriously perverted use of God’s image to elevate themselves above others for their own personal gain. They have no charity as well funded as their own pockets. They are losing control as their crimes against humanity are being exposed.

  12. You don’t mean to say that deeply closeted self-loathing gay men might be using the Holy See as a cover?
    Is a bear catholic?
    Does the pope sh!t in the woods?

    1. “You don’t mean to say that deeply closeted self-loathing gay men might be using the Holy See as a cover?”

      And therein, Flapjack, as you well know, you have stated THE TRUTH of the “Holy” Roman Catholic Church.

      When I was a little lad, I stood waiting a pedestrian crossing before a large and impressive seminary, and a stranger loped into view. He stopped and barked at me: “That lot in there! TOTALLY UNNATURAL!”

      He was so right. But he didn’t know the half of it. Not only is that way of life unnatural, it’s worse than that: they are all psychosexually screwed up, hiding behind priesthood, an ostensible divine calling from God himself to a “holy” “vocation”!

      Nonsense. It’s all a convenient mask.

  13. The politics of man, not God. But by the same token, forgiveness and retribution are not man’s but only God’s. We are told to forgive, and not to hate our enemy’s as instructed by Jesus. If the Roman Catholic church bothers you, leave it. I did, and I’m glad I did it too.

    1. Brenda, my dear, I applaud you for having quit the Roman Catholic church, but do drop the nonsense of “God” as well. There’s no such thing. Don’t go for bronze, Brenda! Go for Gold! Refusal to believe in spirits, pixies, elves, sprites, angels, gods and goddesses, leprechauns, ghosts, fairies, The Twilight Zone, and all else that simply does not exist!

  14. According to today’s New York Times, ben 16 was crushed when three of his senior cardinals handed him the results of their investigation into homosexual activities in Vatican City.

    The report states that gay prelates are being blackmailed by “outside worldly influences”.

    The suggestion is that the pope was exasperated when he was told that his prelates were being controlled by secular interests.

    Go figure. I suppose red Gucchi shoes don’t count as secular interests.

    1. JohnPol, JonPol, Hi! Post the fucking URL, will ya! PLEASE!

      1. Lost my head, Eddy… it wasn’t the NY Times.. twas the Australian, with a lovely photo of arch-right-winger Georgina Pell

      2. I also found the same article in the Hindustan:

        let me know if you can’t open the url, dear one

        1. Hi Jean-Paul! Thanks for both links! I love the notion of an Aussie cardinal down there in Australia freaking out and ringing up the Vatican and demanding to know what’s going on regarding the high jinx of gay cardinals!

          I mean, GAY CARDINALS, Jean-Paul! GAY CARDINALS! This has never been known since the days of the wicked popes centuries ago! How MANY gay cardinals have been having the time of the lives in Rome?

          A few priests at it is one thing, but a clutch of fucking cardinals! Oh, it’s news which is just too delightful!

          “AUSTRALIA’S Cardinal George Pell yesterday called on the Vatican press office to respond “in some constructive way” to reports of an internal investigation by three senior cardinals that told Pope Benedict XVI about an insidious web of blackmail, corruption and homosexual sex inside the Vatican.”

          1. Right on, Eddy.

            Frankly, if I were a Cardinal (bite my tongue), i would insist on knowing every bit of information in that report before going into the conclave…. Er… Especially the names of the gay Cardinals, wouldn’t you?

            Obviously, the thought of the Cardinals inadvertantly electing a gay man to represent the deity on earth has crossed Pell’s mind.


          2. Hadn’t thought of that Jean-Paul! But, yes, you’re right. The whisperings will already have begun: “We must absolutely identify every cardinal who might possibly be gay, otherwise we could end up with gay pope!”

            So there’s effectively a kind of witch-hunt going on already in the Vatican! And that will mean that each cardinal will frantically be putting out a message to try and prove his heterosexuality! Now how on earth does a cardinal do that! Imagine! Says Cardinal X: “Well, you know, I’ve always always always fancied the knickers off that delicious little thing that heads the Convent of the Sisters of Mercy! I pray to God that she would only have mercy on me!” :-) :-) :-)

            Oh, oh, oh! The lies, the attempts, the deceits, the window-dressing that is now going on the Vatican as each cardinal seeks to prove himself a red-blooded hetero!


  15. How dare they “refuse to confirm or deny”! If only that rich and rotten organization were stationed not in utterly corrupt Italy where they are immune from investigation but in Britain, then we could take to the streets to demand transparency, an enquiry!

    Further to what I said yesterday on a related thread, I’ll say now that back in the early 80s the Pope’s own secretary was knobbing a young seminarian once a week in a local convent, and that was only the half of what was going on at that time!

    It’s time the lid was blown off that repugnant establishment. It’s time they were deprived of their immunity, the automatic respect that fools (including statesmen, royalty, and ambassadors) give them.

    It’s time to stop playing their game! Time to stop cooperating.

    1. Well said! Couldn’t have put it better myself.

  16. Jim middle tn 22 Feb 2013, 5:27pm

    I got of this morning thinking just another friday leading intp a nice end of feb here in the Nashville area .. and I find this bit of great news in my email …when closeted gay men are caught it usually brings down and hurts families .. but in this case it just removes another brick in the wall of homophobic hate that the Pope and the Catholic Church
    has practiced for centuries .. I will not live to see the Catholic church (I am 66 years old) change its policies of hate
    but I will go to the pearly gates knowing that one day it will happening (and I dont plan on dying anytime soon)

  17. Jim middle tn 22 Feb 2013, 5:34pm

    just a added note .. i was sending this this article in email to a friend and the verification code was 069C lol I found that so funny in so many ways ..

  18. I suspect (only) that there is some dark secret why Benedict XVI has chosen to resign – I doubt this is it, but there is more to it than any reason connected with his health.

  19. I don’t doubt that The Vatican has its share [maybe many more than its share] of gay prelates … but I think the resignation may have a lot more to do with the [alleged] corruption within the Vatican Bank !!!!

  20. casparthegood 22 Feb 2013, 6:15pm

    This is nearly enough to make me believe the is a god after all.

  21. Truth is, gay people have been keeping the church going for centuries. People were living in a time when being gay wasn’t allowed, so they chose to be celibate instead and joined the church. With the gay freedoms of today, who will replace them? The church actually owes its own existence to gay people.


    “Catholic baiting is the anti-Semitism of the liberals.”

    1. Gay bashing is the anti-semitism of the Catholic church.
      Back atcha Ray

      1. David Myers 23 Feb 2013, 9:41am

        Let’s not forget that they had plenty of original pure anti-semitism as well.

    2. Bollocks!

  23. Staircase2 23 Feb 2013, 1:04pm

    …is it possible to “commit adultery if you’re not married…?

  24. The cleansing of hypocrasy and hate has begun.

  25. …the most dreadful thing is that the Pope is most probably Gay, I would REALLY like to be wrong here….What I do know first hand is that Pope B 16 has a very old & close Gay friend back in Germany, a Catholic Monk whos a rather shocking old queen….This Monk happens to be a very old friend with my partners family who live & have a hotel in Capri….Not long before B 16 became Pope he came as a guest of the Monk to the family hotel a couple of times….We’ve caught the Monk spying on us having sex from outside our bedroom window, hes fond of fixing tricks for his friends back home in Germany & knows well & uses the infamous cruising grounds in Capri going down to the piccola marina….OK I know this dose not necessarily prove the Pope is Gay but surely he must know about his friends double & very Queer life, perhaps hes part of it?….Frankly both of them revolt me….I now wish at the time I challenged the Monk over his faith, his sexuality & his choice of friends….

  26. James Rand 26 Feb 2013, 5:26pm

    What a bunch of conflicted, unpleasant parasites. They wouldn’t know what love was if it hit them in the faces with a wet haddock. And thanks to them, countless millions of innocent gay guys who simply want to love and be loved by another man have had to endure crippling guilt and shame. One definition of evil could be interpreted as a person or group who knowingly block love. The Roman Catholic Church is tragically nothing more than a very powerful, evil cult.

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