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Australia: Religious groups could lose exemption from anti-discrimination law

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Reader comments

  1. Since when was freedom to hate a human right?

  2. With Gillard on power, never gonna happen.

    1. I agree. This will not happen in Aus for at least a decade. There are too many politicians with strong religious ties on both sides. The `new’ anti-discrimination laws will do nothing to stop bigots making outrageously false statements about gay people and inciting hatred. This would never be allowed against any other minority group. We still live in a very bigotted country.

  3. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 23 Feb 2013, 1:53am

    An Election will be happening soon sometime in September this year I am told!

    Do not hold you breath, because the proposed new anti-discrimination laws have not even been introduced to the pail ament as of yet!

    Legislation or bills take more than 6 months to pass, so as usual NOTHING gets done until AFTER the election!

    The Catholic Taliban Anti-Everything Tony Abbott (Or Mr I am “threatened” by homosexuality quote from 2010) will win and everyone knows that!

    1. September is a long way off Paul. I do think Abbot is not the shoo in as the media is hyping. I too am extremely disappointed with the Gillard government and do not understand why the equality issue has not been settled. But then see how often it is wheeled out and just when we learn the mining tax is not taxing the very thing it was meant to tax ie coal. Malcom Turnball could still replace Abbot as the conservative’s leader, then we will see a Cameron.

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 23 Feb 2013, 5:19pm

    Tax the tossers. Nobody should be above the law or exempt from paying their fair share of taxes and that should include religious cults. Why should they get a free ride to discriminate. Australia isn’t a theocracy. I’m sick and tired of them whining about religious freedom. If we tried to discriminate against someone because we didn’t like their religion, we’d be the first to be prosecuted. If they want to discriminate against us, then level the field, allow us to discriminate against them.

  5. I suggest that lesbian and gay Australians might want to consider emigrating across the Taz to New Zealand. We know the right way to treat fundies (with contempt), have no occupational exemptions in our anti-discrimination laws (except for religious ordination) and will shortly have marriage equality.

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