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Anti-gay evangelist Scott Lively claims to have found proof that Obama is gay

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Reader comments

  1. Another nutter

  2. Oh the feverish mind of those who cannot imagine two men in the same room without them going at it hammer and tongs…

    Does Lively not realise that he is behaving like a man so deep in the closet he found next year’s christmas presents?

    1. I swear these people spend more time thinking about what two men in the same room can get up to than even I do, and I’m an avid reader of slash fanfic! Clearly slash writers should be looking at these nutters for inspirational ideas!

    2. “Does Lively not realize that he is behaving like a man so deep in the closet he found next years Christmas presents?”

      I agree but I don’t think he’s found next years Christmas presents… no I think he’s found Narnia?

  3. Suddenly Last Bummer 22 Feb 2013, 3:09pm

    Scott Lively sucked him off?

  4. Adam Bloch 22 Feb 2013, 3:14pm

    Clearly an absolute nut job….

    1. Sorry accidental down instead of upvote. These buttons are no help on many devices

  5. Is there a limit to the depths these Christian extremists will sink to?

    When I read the name ‘Reggie Love’ kept popping up in the article Deirdre Barlow’s voice (“Tracy, love”) crept into my head.

    1. Sorry, meant to say “When I read the name ‘Reggie Love’ *that* kept popping up in the article….”

      Anger obviously makes me unable to write properly. That man Scott Lively blames gays for Nazism and his actions in Uganda have been implicated in causing atrocities against gay people there! He doesn’t deserve to be breathing, frankly. Disgusting, evil man.

  6. Isn’t Reggie Love Susan Sarrandon’s character in The Client?

  7. Because, of course, nothing could be worse than a non-white ‘liberal’ president than a gay non-white ‘liberal’ president, could it?

    Jesus (so to speak), this creature is mad! The most Lively thing about him is his imagination, and his fevered obsession with Man-Lurve.

  8. Liam the God 22 Feb 2013, 3:40pm

    I think the “Birthers” are REALLY reaching on this one! So let’s assess their assessments: Obama is a Foreign, Muslim, Gay, Communist Dictator. That’s quite a lot of baggage he’s supposedly hiding! Oh, and he eats babies, worships Satan, sacrifices White God Fearing Christians, and has horns and a tail!
    Anyone from Fox News that wants to use that? :)

    1. Many of us in the US know obama is gay, and yes, he’s also a muslim plant and a communist, just like his sire.

      1. what kind of fruit does a muslim plant bear?

  9. Katie kool-eyes 22 Feb 2013, 3:44pm

    Well instead of baseless accusations in an attempt to discredit someone, how about first he answers for his crimes against humanity in Uganda.

  10. An absolute nut job undoubtedly.

    However, rumours about Obama’s sexuality have perculated for years:- for example, he is well remembered by locals for his excursions into Chicago’s Belmont and West Halstead bar and sauna scene prior to commencing his presidential ambitions.

    1. Oh, pooh – “well-remembered” and yet not one single person has come up with any sort of proof (photographs, postcards, letters) to support these rumours, despite the no doubt enormous potential rewards for doing so. Be a bit more sceptical, Samuel B!

      1. Well, you can’t deny it is an intriguing concept that sends the mind into overload, but point taken Rehan! :)

  11. What Valksy said.
    Scott Lively wildly overcompensates for his overactive imagination re. what two guys get up to in bed.
    People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones just as people who live in closets shouldn’t attempt to out people who are secure in their sexuality.
    Just ask Prof Henry Adams

  12. What thoroughly vile human being another great example for mercy killings!

    1. Katie kool-eyes 22 Feb 2013, 5:04pm

      no, “mercy killings” is on par with his mindset. I can only speak for myself, but I want to be as far from that man in every way possible lol

  13. Christopher in Canada 22 Feb 2013, 4:00pm

    See the incredible Man Without A Brain!!! Film at 11!

  14. Shit! All my straight mates I’ve been on holiday with must really be gay! :o

  15. Jock S. Trap 22 Feb 2013, 4:07pm

    I don’t know about his prove that Obama is gay but I think it’s all plan to see that Scott Lively should be sectioned and heavily medicated.

    1. Jock S. Trap 22 Feb 2013, 4:08pm

      Doh… meant ‘proof’ not prove!

  16. Robert in S. Kensington 22 Feb 2013, 4:36pm

    Another vile hatemonger who needs to be reported to the Home Office as an undersirable not welcome in the UK.

  17. That There Other David 22 Feb 2013, 4:50pm

    Scott Lively obviously has no male friends who want to spend any time with him if all he sees is gay sex between two guys hanging out.

    Thinking about it, he probably doesn’t have any female friends that do either. I bet he thinks everyone’s at it as soon as his back is turned.

    Must be quite lonely being Scott Lively.

    1. Liam the God 22 Feb 2013, 5:42pm

      Not lonely enough; he’s surrounded by Journalists, by the sound of things….

      1. A good point. But I think (and I hope) it is incorrect. I’m in the US and the only time I ever see this man mentioned is here–in the gay blogosphere, in the gay press. He is otherwise and elsewhere simply ignored.

        I can be wrong.

  18. Paul Essex/London 22 Feb 2013, 5:33pm

    Nut job. Bog off back to Narnia.

    1. This is very unfair to Narnia. What did they do to deserve him???

      1. Paul Essex/London 23 Feb 2013, 6:43pm

        You’re quite right, my apologies. Narnia’s already got one wicked queen to deal with, they don’t need another.

  19. Liam the God 22 Feb 2013, 5:41pm

    2 men go on a business trip together and they’re gay, but “Normal” men that enjoy camping with young boy scouts are not. Yup, the usual level of twisted logic from a Right-Wing Religionista.

  20. GulliverUK 22 Feb 2013, 5:47pm

    Apart from the fact he’s got s**t for brains, and should be locked up as mentally insane, I’d be far more impressed if he had proof that the comic book they call The Bible is something other than a collection of fiction, artistically-edited historical accounts, myths and rantings from delusional psychotics.

    Now, that, would be impressive.

    Despite gay people being exterminated in the hundreds of thousands in nazi concentration camps he thinks the nazis were all gay. Doh! Anybody else see the problem with that!

    I’m still wondering if he’s going to get off the charges brought by SMUG – I hope not – I want to see him go away for a very long time.

  21. Well I guess every man who takes a man trip with their buddies is gay! So watch out for those future hunting trips who knows what is happening out there.
    So ridiculous it doesn’t deserve a response, other than who would even care if he was.

  22. Robert in S. Kensington 22 Feb 2013, 5:56pm

    Well then, Lively, that makes all catholic prelates gay including the Pope because they’re all accompanied by males when they travel. Why does America keep churning out an unendless line of religious ingrates?

  23. Dude looks pretty gay himself.

    1. On what imaginable basis? I’m as gay as they come and almost all my friends are gay, and I can assure you not a single one of them looks anything like Lively.

  24. This man is truly one CRAAAZY mutter focker!!

  25. No president of the USA goes anywhere without an army of aides, speech writers, CPOs, a whole press corps, etc. whether his wife is there or not. The whole thing is nonsense.

  26. Lively looks criminally insane to me, hope he gets his cumuppance soon for his reputed international gay hate campaigns.
    As for President Obama – who cares if he is bi-sexual (or not) he’s not done anything to be ashamed of in that regard, just the opposite, but he seems to be guite happy in his sexuality and settled with his chosen partner.

  27. Anything to get into the limelight, eh Lively..

  28. Slander lawsuit?

  29. casparthegood 22 Feb 2013, 11:55pm

    And by the same reasoning if Michelle had been present they were into mixed threesomes. This guy needs to give his imagination an enema

    1. “This guy needs to give his imagination an enema”…
      Is that because his imagination is full of sh!t?

  30. Well, Mr Lively you may have found proof that, President Obama is gay… but we have proof that you’re a raving fvcking loony… who should be locked up for your own good and the good of all humanity! What else have you found at the bottom of your barrel of tricks? I suppose if, President Obama had gone away on a holiday/trip by himself, you’d then claim to have proof that he masturbates? We wait with baited breath at your next revelation! By the way… did you not know that Jesus wasn’t married and he use to travel around the country side with twelve men and a prostitute? Oh I wonder what your sick, bitter, twisted, lonely little mind would make of that situation?!

  31. I used to have a boyfriend more into hill-walking than I was, so he would go off into the countryside for the weekend…with just his DOG.
    I’m sure what passes for Mr Lively’s mind would boggle.

  32. Really? Anything else you’ve discovered lately? Like, a cure for the common cold? Perhaps you might have found a brain in that deep, dark closet of yours.

  33. David Skinner 23 Feb 2013, 11:28pm

    I find this very confusing.Why the outrage against Dr Lively? Surely identifying someone as gay is the highest compliment one could give to anyone. Pink News readers ought to be proud of the fact that Obama might be gay. You all sound a tad homophobic. What is wrong with Obama being gay? Please explain

    1. Liam the God 24 Feb 2013, 12:35am

      “Please Don’t Feed The Trolls!”

    2. It’s only to be expected that the unattractiveness of being discovered to be deceitful or hypocritical is a subtlety that escapes you, Skinner.

      However, for you the state of confusion must be appealing for its familiarity

  34. I think he mistook Obama with himself.

  35. Come on Theresa May, stick Lively on the banned from entering the UK list, like Fred Phelps (who is probably less dangerous if equally offensive). Then the Oxford Union can’t invite him again – we had a narrow escape last time thanks to a clever little trick email. It won’t work again. We don’t want this vicious sicko in our city or country.

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