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Study: 75% of US bullied LGBT gym class students feel unable to tell a teacher

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  1. Probably because it is the gym teachers who are leading the abuse. Teaching sports in schools is nothing but a licence to torture children.

  2. I don’t get it. WHEN are we going to start confronting homophobic bullies and asking them WHY they do it? Surely, this is ALL about ‘machismo’ and projecting an image designed to make others think, “Hey man. There’s nothing queer about me!” So, what DRIVES this? Could it be that homophobes fear their own same-sex desires? “Show me a homophobe; I’ll show you a close case”?

  3. I’m sure the real numbers aren’t that high. They might be for out LGBT-teens, but a large portion of LGBT-teens aren’t out in high school. I know I wasn’t. Never got bullied. But still, any bullying is too much. And it’s a shame LGBT-teens drop out of athletics because of discrimation.

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