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Source: Jamaican supermarket attacked by gang of gay men in drag

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Reader comments

  1. Well it looks like the bigots are getting what they deserve now, they should stop complaining.

  2. The report by the Jamaica Observer sounds suspiciously like homophobic propaganda.

  3. How coud they possibly know the gang was ‘gay’? What a lot of nonsense.

  4. If the negative propaganda element of this wasn’t so serious, it would be hysterical. A shop in ULTRA homophobic Jamaica being held up by a bunch of gay drag queens? Oh please!. Put down those stinky old cigarettes and come out into the 21st century. You never know – you might actually like reality …

  5. I am sure if a journalist lived in crime infested community, was under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs… drinking and watched “Priscilla Queen of the Desert” whilst under pressure to write a “scathing editorial on gays” it’s possible to produce a piece of cr@p propaganda as suspicious as this.

  6. The Jamaican police have twisted the truth before

    “One prominent Jamaican victim was John Terry, the 65-year-old British honorary consul in Montego Bay, who was found dead in 2009 having been beaten and strangled.

    A note left on his body read: “This is what will happen to all gays,” it also featured the word “batty man” – a homophobic term of abuse.

    Jamaican police claimed Mr Terry’s death was not a homophobic murder.”
    Maybe this case is true, but doesn’t justify the continued oppression of gays in Jamaica anymore than the existence of some African American criminals justified JIM Crow in the US.
    Jamaica should remember that is exactly what happened.

  7. soapbubblequeen 25 Feb 2013, 8:13pm

    I would never go to Jamaica on holiday. Not in a million years. Where is gay friendly in the Carribean?

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