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Puerto Rico: 200,000 rally against gay rights

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 21 Feb 2013, 5:31pm

    Of course, all orchestrated by the roman cult. Puerto Rico is an extremely homophobic island having experienced it first hand in 1988. I had gone for five days with my partner at the time and had to leave on the second day because of the blatant homophobia in the streets, in some of the restaurants and in the hotel in which we were staying. Avoid it like the plague if you can. Another caribbean hell hole, oh and the beach in the Condado section was filthy, a lot of dog excrement all over the place and litter too. The people weren’t friendly at all. I compare it to Jamaica.

  2. 200,000 homophobians all in one place – Have they nothing better to do? – Like for instance donate their days pay off work to help hunger or something?

  3. Ah. I wasn’t sure what this could mean until I read …”According to leaders of the protests, between 200,000 and 268,000 Christian demonstrators …”
    Now I get it. A poor, backward country being incited to hatred by the loving Christian church. I get it now …..

  4. Christian religion again…I’m not surprised what they get up to anymore.

    Here’s how I spent my afternoon.

    Went to see a retail shop for rent in Chichester, West Sussex.

    A high street location with only 565sq. The rent being demanded by the greedy landlords for this tiny shop?

    £67,000 per year.

    And, a clause that you couldn’t trade on Sundays.

    And, who is this greedy landlord?

    Chichester Cathedral. The Anglican Church who the Letting Agents told me pretty much own and rent all the commercial property in Chichester.

    And here’s some hypocrisy from our bigoted, greedy friends.

    The only retail shop allowed to open on Sunday is the Christian Bookshop.

    Welcome to doing business in Chichester.

    Greedy landlords – The Church.

    Am as a businessman, am I surprised, no.

    Easy to see how this mob and their Catholic counterparts wield so much power, they’re essentially the world’s biggest landlords.

  5. That’s the Puerto Rico everyone knows about. Backwards, ignorant, homophobic and secretly having gay sex. If God didn’t create homosexuality in nature, then someone needs to tell the 1500+ animal species that exhibit the whole range of homosexual behaviors from parenting to pair-bonding that they are committing a sin even though they are acting on God-given Instinct. Geez God is a lousy deity.

  6. Leonardo Ricardo 21 Feb 2013, 6:23pm

    Actually as a long time resident of Puerto Rico, twice for over ten years, I remember the clammouring bigots and christianlike blowhards that marched on the capitol every time they had a chance to blow their mighty holier than thou horns…(literally with the car horns, bull horns and bull shit)…this crowd of fundies are the same as ever and maybe laced with a few Roman Catholic christmatics thrown in. They are a disgrace as they insist on being in everyones FACE at least twice a year!

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