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Laura Bush asks to be removed from same-sex marriage advert

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Reader comments

  1. Oh dear…

    Didn’t see that coming did we…

    …good publicity though…

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 21 Feb 2013, 4:23pm

    I suspect the republican establishment in Texas got to her. Her husband was always against equal marriage and still is, except for one of his daughters. Sad she had to do this.

  3. Oh .. those old Repulican bigots. You have to laugh. Will the headline be; “Bush requires clipping”?

  4. GulliverUK 21 Feb 2013, 4:38pm

    No problem. Take her out, put someone even better in, re-release, and even more people will watch it. Thanks Laura ! :D

    There are hundreds of celebs and politicians who will be only too eager to replace her.

  5. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

  6. That There Other David 21 Feb 2013, 6:23pm

    When an anti-gay group uses the image of or associates with a public figure without their permission we’re all over them, and quite rightly so. The fault here lies with the Respect for Marriage Coalition, who should have approached Mrs. Bush prior to running the ad. If she’d said no at that point then another more willing public figure should have been sought out as a replacement. There are plenty of them, even on the Republican side of the fence.

    It’s a shame that she’s now not involved. However, they shouldn’t just have assumed she’d be OK with being included.

  7. Laura Bush is still very much allied with anti-gay Republicans. Don’t believe anything pro-gay she says.

  8. She’s about to destroy the little bit of goodwill she had. Also, she seems to have forgotten the harm her husband did to LGBT people. She has much to atone for over her remaining silent while she was First Lady. As a mother, she should at least have stood up for Mary Cheney. Mrs. Bush, apparently you’re not much better than your husband, who, by the way, was the worst president since Herbert Hoover.

  9. GulliverUK 21 Feb 2013, 8:01pm

    Ok, looks like I’ve found a replacement.

  10. It must be complicated as hell being that man’s wife.

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