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Comment: ‘Concern’ for the children of gay parents is just 2013′s acceptable face of bigotry

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Reader comments

  1. Agree with this article but the left and right adverts are getting so distracting that it is difficult to concentrate.
    And then, at the same time, a video with sound starts up.
    So crass.
    Benjamin, the time is near when these very intrusive adverts will drive me away from Pink News. Shame.

    1. Sometimes they seem to be crashing my browser too. There’s just too many of them and pages take too long to load compared to other sites. Glad I’m not the only one with this problem.

      1. Absolutely, I have this problem repeatedly and sadly I am considering simply not visiting the PN comments board at all from now on as it is getting too annoying.

    2. PantoHorse 22 Feb 2013, 9:28am

      Quite agree, it’s horrible and such a sell out, particularly the left and right ones. But then that’s the point of PN and any other website that attempts to channel lots of page hits.

      Best thing to do, tho, is get an ad blocker for your browser.

  2. There is no human right to be a parent, just as there is no human right to have marriage.

    1. NARTH therapy not kept you away from all the gay men on Pink News, Matthew? Seriously – speak to a someone neutral. You’d be a lot happier if you weren’t so hung up about your sexuality.

    2. And marriage IS covered by human rights legislation – marriage and the right to have a family.

    3. Jock S. Trap 22 Feb 2013, 10:18am

      I’d rather have marriage and my son out of love than out of a sense of duty.

      Duty doesn’t create loving, stable relationships. You only have to see the amount of divorces and children left in care home to see that.

      Marriage and being a parent is indeed a human right but so is respect and decency.

  3. I think I am getting tired of being humble.

  4. Paul Essex/London 21 Feb 2013, 9:27pm

    Great article. Couldn’t have put it better myself.

  5. Jock S. Trap 22 Feb 2013, 10:13am

    Well written and I agree.

    I has to be a new low when the argument for bigotry is aimed at the children themselves. It’s as if these religious extremists have no shame.

    Well they should!

    Maybe it’s jealousy because they actually know those children will grow up more balanced, more accepting and even more loved because they are children that are wanted out of love not duty.

    These religious people should too much bullying and we all know that is more about control and greed. Now of course they are loosing that control so they aim low to hurt.

    There arguments are become less and less valid as they look more and more ridiculous.

  6. Jase Connor 23 Feb 2013, 9:57pm

    It is a pity that there’s few concerns about children in heterosexual families – that’s where homophobia comes from.

  7. Gay parenting isn’t ‘new’ it been happening for donkeys years. Some of us are actually quite good at it too!

    1. As a doctor (who just happens to be straight) who specialises in child health, my priority is my patients. Based on experience, the same sex parents I work with have an outstanding record of consistency, care and commitment to their children. Of those whose children I have assessed/treated, some are adoptive parents and other couples consist of one natural parent and his/her same sex partner. In every case, I have been impressed with the level of care they show for their child. Several of these couples have adopted a severely disabled child whom no one else, including opposite sex couples, wanted. The difference between my opinion and that of those who condemn same sex parenting is my views are based on actual experience, the opinion of the those against same sex parenting is based on lack of it.

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