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Australia: Gay kids bullied by teachers as well as other students says study

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Reader comments

  1. I’ve always found the news of homopobia in Aus, kinda surprising, to be honest.
    They come across as kidof laid back easy going people. So to read that not only students, but teachers being bigoted towards GBLT youths surprising and sad.

    1. *kind of*. Darn keyboard. Time for a new one, me thinks.

    2. Australia has all the benefits and pitfalls of a prosperous society, and is largely suburban and smugly conformist. And schoolyards are brutal all over the world. After all, we think of California as laid-back too yet look at all the shit that rose to the surface around Proposition 8.

      It comes as a surprise to many to hear it can be a very racist society too, but I assure you (on the basis of having lived there for 4 years, some time ago admittedly) it eclipses the UK in that respect.

      1. Well said Rehan. As someone who had the misfortune to live in Australia during my teens, I know all too well the truth about “easy-going, fair-go” Australia. And that’s before we talk about the rampant racism.

  2. I’m always suspicious of any popluation which so oozes with testosterone. All that uber-machismo. What’s that Shakespearan phrase ..”Me thinks the lady doth protest too loudly”. Hmmmm.

    1. The lady doth protest too much, methinks

      All the same, I think it’s wisest not to assume the entire 20m population oozes with testosterone. I don’t think Australian men are that much more anxious about their manliness than other Anglo-Saxon societies. A bit blunter in the expression of it perhaps, though it’s worth noting that AFL players have taken a public stance against homophobia in sport in a way UK footballers are yet to do.

  3. Jock S. Trap 21 Feb 2013, 11:43am

    Teachers are there to teach children while they grow into adults. This does not give them a free passage to discriminate in anyway. They should be totally ashamed of themselves. These are children for pity sake.

    If you teach discrimination towards certain individual you set aside a lifetimes worth of problems to which the church then says being gay is harmful.

    Yeah by their own doing.

    Only when we have full equality can we effectively tackle bigotry and discrimination.

    People who think some humans should be second class should be ashamed. It doesn’t make their big, nor clever, nor superior. It just makes them the worst types of human beings.

    The authorities need to tackle this problem and show children, whoever they are, the respect they deserve.

  4. “basis of sexual choice ” No No No, sexuality is NOT A CHOICE! Someone needs some serious diversity training.

    1. Well-intentioned (at least I hope so), but you’re right, a terrible turn of phrase.

  5. It’s sad that this is still happening in this day and age and the use of language (i.e. “sexual choice”) by the Federal Schools Minister in Australia is really unacceptable. It should be as unacceptable in Australia as it would be in the UK.

    I know from my own experience that teachers have partaken in homophobic bullying or turned a blind eye to it. It is still happening because people yet to reach adulthood are not adequately protected in law. Bullying of young gay people, or those perceived to be gay, in schools would be defined as hate-speech or hate-crime these days if they were adults. Not only is it hate-speech and/or hate-crime, it is child abuse. It’s incomprehensible that schoolchildren are somehow expected to endure any kind of abuse, whether it’s from adults or other children. That governments and education systems are not prepared to adequately deal with it is itself child neglect.

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