David Silvester, a councillor in the Oxfordshire town of Henley, has resigned from the Conservative Party because of David Cameron’s support for equal marriage.

The former Tory councillor has defected to the UK Independence Party reports the Henley Standard.

Cllr Silvester criticised David Cameron and said: “The prime minister defied the majority in his party to propose and pass an anti- Christian and ungodly vote to sanction same-sex marriage. His ‘victory’ on a topic that was not in the Conservative election manifesto came by deliberately relying on the wholesale votes of the Labour and Liberal Democrat parties.”

The Christian councillor continued: “I am not prepared to continue with a local or national party which connives its leader acting in such a way on such an important subject to a Bible-believing Christian.”

In December, Cllr Silvester wrote a letter to David Cameron invoking the prime minister’s Christian faith as a reason why he should abandon plans to introduce equal marriage.

On 5 February, MPs voted 400 to 175 in supporting the government’s Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill – a majority of 225 votes – following an afternoon of heated debate in the House of Commons.