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Kelly Clarkson says bisexual producer Clive Davis bullied her and his memoir was ‘mixed up’

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  1. That There Other David 20 Feb 2013, 6:50pm

    Kelly Clarkson may well think she’s the best songwriter in the world, and let’s face it she’s entitled to think that, but it doesn’t follow that other people have to agree with her.

    What she describes as bullying could also be described as her mentor delivering a reality check. A song might mean the world to her, but he’s got to think about what sells, because when it comes down to it if she doesn’t sell she’ll get dropped.

  2. Spiritbody 20 Feb 2013, 6:56pm

    This is not a story worthy of PinkNews. Its not even news! And its barely even a ‘story’. Some bi dude told Smelly Clarkson that she’s shit (?!) Apart from being correct, this “story” has no relevance to GLTB issues

  3. And the importance of this non entity is?

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