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Rylan Clark excites fans with saucy photo and says he wants Olly Murs’ X Factor job

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Reader comments

  1. Suddenly Last Bummer 19 Feb 2013, 2:11pm

    This creepy towie wannabe freak should just eff off back to oblivion/Southend-on-Sea. He’s like a lab experiment gone wrong. I got a job for you Derren Brown, try turning Rylan into a human being.

  2. Despite perceptions otherwise, showbiz is deep down one of the most homophobic environments to work in. The unfortunate truth is that the numerous gay people who succeed in the field are rarely, if ever, activists So Rylan Clark will have to choose between his career and gay rights.

    1. its true to be sucesful in media it appears that you have to be a stereotype in order to fit into the straight homophobic agenda.

  3. the world ended yesterday and this is the start of the new one. enjoy

  4. He is playing us so well. Like sheep to the slaughter some of you go. Good on you Rylan. Milk it.

    1. I appreciate that he might not necessarily be a good role model

  5. Just ignore him and hopefully he’ll go away,.

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