One of the key players in President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign has joined efforts in the US state of Ohio to repeal its ban on equal marriage.

Greg Schulz joined the executive committee of FreedomOhio, a group seeking to overturn the state’s ban on same-sex marriages.

He previously served as state director for Ohio for President Obama’s re-election campaign last year.

“Greg Schultz brings extensive statewide organizing skills and contacts to our movement, and his strategic vision and campaign experience will be invaluable in our efforts to end marriage discrimination in Ohio,” Ben Deutschle, chairman of the executive committee, said in a news release.

FreedomOhio hopes to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot for Ohio later this year or next, which would remove the 2004 amendment which banned equal marriage, reports

The Freedom to Marry and Religious Freedom Amendment would also include language to specify that religious organisations would not be forced to perform or recognise same-sex marriages.

“I have developed a pretty large statewide network of people interested in this issue,” Schultz said.

President Barack Obama was re-elected on 6 November 2012.