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France: Right-wing councillor accused of homophobic assault on gay rights activists

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Reader comments

  1. That There Other David 19 Feb 2013, 5:55pm

    Of course Monsieur Jacob. I’m sure those troublemaking equality advocates threw themselves down the Town Hall steps too, whilst you were busy defending yourself against their violent tirade of words.


  2. Nick Davis 19 Feb 2013, 8:45pm

    Intolerance + violence = Right Wing.

  3. If it is true then it is utterly deplorable and Marine Le Pen should expell him. She has made good progress in the last few years moderating the FN’s position on homosexuality/bisexuality.

    Nick Griffin did as well but nowhere near enough. Fortunately, a new party has been launched in Britain (the British Democratic Party) which takes a more liberal stance than the BNP did.

  4. If what is reported here is true then that is utterly deplorable and hopefully Marine Le Pen will expell this individual from the party. She has made good progress in reforming the FN and moderating its position with regard to homosexuals/bisexuals.

    Nick Griffin did too but not enough as the FN did. Now, a new nationalist party has been set-up in Britain called the British Democratic Party which takes a much more liberal line than the BNP ever did so gay people will be very welcome to join it.

  5. If this happened in public then there are witnesses. If the right-wing jerk thinks he can transfer responsibility for the attack, you should all show them up by voting them out (or arresting him for assault).
    I just don’t understand the dedication to being angry without justification.

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