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Comment: We should celebrate the departure of a revolting villain

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 19 Feb 2013, 6:31pm

    Nothing to celebrate. Bigotry and hate perpetuate themselves among the hierarchy of this cult. His replacement will be no different. Same genda, same homphobia.

    1. David Myers 21 Feb 2013, 11:21am

      Perhaps even worse!

  2. A brilliant piece. I enjoyed reading every sentence.

    1. I second that. A brilliant piece, indeed! Every sentence a delight. Thank you, Ralph!

  3. Helge Vladimir Tiller 19 Feb 2013, 7:13pm

    i remember one expression from my early adolescence : ” More catholic than the Pope”- These words were used when somebody was very judging and unfair to others, especially those who criticised young love !

  4. I was going to sacrifice 40 virgins for that gift; but, I could not find one in the England.

  5. Sadly its very possible for the next pope to be even worse. Benny has been stacking the curia with his right-wing friends so we are probably going to wind up with a carbon copy.

    1. Yes. There will be no change. We have Benedict because JPII stacked the College of Cardinals to insure that his conservatism endured. There are many left from then, and Benedict has simply added his own when vacancies occurred.

      On the bright side, it’s great to watch this church shoot itself in the foot.

  6. Great article, though I recently got into conversation on Twitter with a number if younger Catholics, and can confirm there are many younger followers equally homophobic, anti condom and anti abortion. I saw some very worrying sentiments.

  7. He is an accessory to countless crimes against children who were raped and abused for years by pedophile priest in the Catholic Church and the people need to demand he be brought to trial and convicted like any other criminal would be.

  8. As someone who was raised as a catholic I couldn’t agree more…what a great piece

  9. ColinJones 19 Feb 2013, 8:12pm

    Pope Benedict appointed lots of cardinals who think like him so the chances of the next Pope being more tolerant are almost zero, but another intolerant, bigoted Pope will just continue the rot for the catholic church.You’d think they’d feel something was going terribly wrong when even catholic strongholds like Ireland are turning their backs.

  10. Given that the preferred candidates for replacement include two african bishops who support the hardline stance favored on that continent (i.e. death penalty in uganda), we have nothing to celebrate.

    I’m no fan of benedict but we will miss him if either of those two get selected.

  11. Great article. I don’t think the next ancient virgin will be any better, but that, at least, should be the most potent force in secularising Europe.

  12. PeterinSydney 19 Feb 2013, 9:21pm

    The bloke -Pope Vicious 16th- has been a total loser. Good riddance to him. Just don’t let him influence the next Pope. But he is surrounded by so many closeted homophobes that there is not much hope for much change.

  13. This is how the Pope’s resignation was reported on the BBC children’s news programme –

    You’d think he was loved by everyone

  14. GulliverUK 19 Feb 2013, 9:30pm

    We should probably have street parties and designate it a national holiday, a day of peace on Earth, goodwill to all mankind (especially me). A day against homophobia, a day to celibrate condoms and their use, a day against transphobia, against intolerance and hatefulness.

    But gotta be quick, because the next Pope will be installed soon, like a Borg Queen, and she’ll be as bad, or worse. :(

  15. Great article. Glad he had a dig at the appalling wench, Mensch.

  16. Don Harrison 19 Feb 2013, 10:26pm

    Of course this could be out of the frying pan into the fire

  17. They say the eyes are the window to the soul.

    Ratzinger’s must be two of the emptiest, lifeless voids imaginable.

    I think that says tells us all we need to know without even needing to get into his Nazi youth origins, cover-up of mass sexual child abuse, rabid homophobia and other heinous deeds.

  18. “Sing merrily to the tune of…..Al Jolson’s Toot, Toot, Tootsie (Goo’Bye)
    “Bye, bye ex-Pope bye, bye
    We’re the gays you decry,
    We’ll never do your bidding
    Those silly jewels and frocks you wear, you must be kidding,
    Rat, Ratzinger bye, bye
    The bolt came from out of the sky,
    The Vatican’s failed
    The last ship has sailed
    Your fumbling priests should surely long ago have been jailed,
    Ben, Ben, Benny bye, bye
    Now it’s your turn to cry.”

  19. An interesting allegation has appeared around the web. It is said that he has resigned ( allegedly) because on the 4th of Feb the Vatican where told a European government is about to issue an international arrest warrant for Joseph Ratzinger. It is also alleged that he has a hastily arranged appointment with the Italian PM on the 23rd to ask for protection from extradition.

    I don’t know what the truth of this is. But it is way past time this evil man was behind bars.
    here is a link

    1. An interesting read! If indeed this speculation bears any truth, it will be interesting to see if history documents the first pope to resign in over 600 years actually answers to his alleged crimes. It’s unlikely this popes history will be written kindly, even less so if he is charged with crimes he denounced during his papal office. It would indeed be poetic justice to see the hypocrisy in the Vatican highlighted and the Catholic church implode because of this popes duplicity.

    2. Interesting, but I’d like to know what their sources are. Besides that, the Vatican is a sovereign state, with its own currency, etc., with the pope as its head. If anyone wants to arrest Ratzinger, they’d need to ask the Vatican for extradiction.

      1. This is what Geoffrey Robertson QC told Newsnight:about the legal situation:-

  20. “That Ratzinger deliberately and covertly shielded priests who raped children is common knowledge, proven beyond reasonable doubt,” Has this actually been ‘proven’ or just widely accepted as true? If there is genuine proof, I’d like to see it, because until now I’ve only seen rumours and speculation.
    I may not have agreed with much (or any) of what Ratzinger/Benedict has said during his papacy; however, the opinions expressed by the author appear to be just as vitriolic as any that the pope has expressed towards gays or nuns etc. during his time in charge.

    1. Hahaha. Not surprised that I got thumbed down. I’m still waiting for a constructive comment from someone with some genuine proof though. After all, without proof, by saying he was evil and protected paedophiles, we are no better than the ignorant people that still think being gay is the same as being a paedophile. And I don’t want to be put on the same level as those people.

      1. Ralph Jones’s explosion of hatred is not only against Pope Benedict (which would be partially justified) but against Catholicism and other forms of Christianity, and all other religions too. His description of Christ as “a long dead Israeli preacher” is ridiculously dismissive of the person whose ideas form the bedrock of European civilisation, regardless of whether you consider him divine or sem-divine or whatever. By the same token he would no doubt also describe the Buddha as a long dead Indian preacher wandering through the jungle talking about nothingness and other things like that. He needs to learn that not all religious people are stupid or evil, and that abuse is not nearly as effective as a calm presentation of the facts. And by the way, Christ was not an Israeli.

  21. The catholic hierarchy are the “intrinsic moral evil” here.

    In what way is my 10 year marriage to my husband “evil”?

  22. brian morris 20 Feb 2013, 8:50am

    Why cannot people see that screaming abuse and vilification at people they happen to disagree with is doing exactly what they accuse their opponents of doing.It is NOT common knowledge that the Pope is an accomplice in paedophilia-it is an unproven accusation.In fact he moved against men like Marcial Maciel who had previously had impunity.Why this hatred and venom against a dying 86 year old?Is being gay about love,or about fanatical hatred and slander?

    1. Don’t worry. Pink news readers don’t represent all gays. We don’t all actively and viciously hate on religious people. I don’t agree with everything the pope said or did, but I think the article and responses are quite fanatical and hateful just like those of the people they criticise. Sadly it appears to be the norm on pinknews.

  23. Hurrah, the villain leaves, let’s wave in the new villain.

  24. Venemous little twit, save your ire for those would behead you, not those who simply believe and think differently than you.

  25. Jock S. Trap 20 Feb 2013, 3:00pm

    Indeed but sadly you know he’ll just be replaced with another of the same ilk.

    Think I’ll cerebrate when we finally can put religions safe away in the history books.

    1. or flush it down the toilet like so many nuggets of poo

  26. de Villiers 20 Feb 2013, 5:27pm

    Pope Benoit was an expected disappointment on social issues. It is too extreme to say that he was an evil man or that he bordered on evil. Some of his religious writing was deeply insightful and shows great intellect. It is all the more a shame that his actions did not match this.

    His work on the mutuality of doubt is a beautiful exposition on the reaching of accommodation with two contrasting beliefs and opinions – what a shame that in his work as enforcer of the doctrine he ignored this entirely.

  27. Robert in S. Kensington 20 Feb 2013, 8:12pm

    And now to pour more salt in the wound. Read on.

  28. You may disagree with the things the Pope has done but that does not make him evil. His atittude towards homosexuality is, in my opinion as a Catholic, incorrect; but it is not hatred. The only hatred in this piece is the author’s, and that’s the real evil.

    1. de Villiers 21 Feb 2013, 5:32pm

      I agree – hate is never a good start for anything.

    2. He makes his contribution to in the USa 3000 GAY KIDS BEING driven to suicide every year.

      Example of what didnt happen badly – a gay 24 year old – I asked him if he was suicidal

      His comment – I wouldnt give my catholic parents the pleasure of seeing me dead

      Virtually every gay person I’ve talked with at length – they were either suicidal or know another who committed suicide

      BTW the church gave hte world the 1000 year dark ages of zero social and economic progress. Average lifespan in the 40s. As a calif. University said in a study about 5 years ago _ sri I cant find the link: “if the catholic church hadnt existed we would have had the Internet by about 1600

      And all the wonderful drugs and medical procedures that give us an average lifespan now of about 80.

      the church during the innquisition burned books on the human body – so they, not sience would get credit for those who recovered from Illness.

      1. ONly a week ago I was with a gay friend and his BF. He sat down next to me, seemed to be in a trance. We were concerned he had tried for a 3rd time to commit suiicde.

        Turns out he overdosed on anti fibra – mialgia pills. He did begin to recover in about 15 mins and within a hour seemed fine But we both – his BF and I stayed there all night taking turns sleeping and watching him to insure no relapse.

  29. well said Ralph!! I wonder if the next pope could be worse though. Sadly a number of African cardinals openly support the Ugandan anti gay laws. Well done anyway.

  30. NO. I used to hope he would live a long long life and papacy.

    This MF was doing a good job of destroying the church. Only the fools and brainwashed still belong.

    In eg France almost zero of the new generation go to church on any regular basis

    When I was in the army long ago near DC/ USA, we used to go to the fundie churches (so. baptist -evangelicals)

    Pick up the chicks and throw fcuk parties. The more religious they claim to be, the faster the panties came off.

  31. Excellent piece.

  32. Great article, Well done. Pope Benedict was a disgusting individual and has damanged the office of Pope and the Church, to say nothing of his war on gays which has been mind blowingly shocking. I dare say the vatileaks scandal has fed the paranoia within his office and ultimately led to his demise. Good riddance to the old monster.

  33. I’m pleased the old sod has cleared off.

  34. Isiah Islam 25 Feb 2013, 3:15pm

    i just wish the media would be less sycophantic about these bigots and do more to expose them for what they are, loathsome hypocrites, especially if the next so-called pope is as hateful as ex-Nazi Ratburger.

  35. Nutters who jump on soap boxes and spout hatred of gays get prosecuted. These men in frocks don’t- even when caught sexually assaulting those over whom they have power. WHY?
    The so-called Scottish Equalities secretaiat is a politically controlled sinecure which seems to simply do as told by Salmond- who condemns Stonewall and needs to grab Catholic votes, little realising that most Catholics don’t go along with persecution or vilification any more. Ratzi now retires with his “long term companion
    Georgeous Georg” to the side of the new swimming pool at Castello Grandeouso.

  36. I was raised Roman Catholic and wanted to be a priest – but was rudely told that as a woman, I just wasn’t equipped to do such a rigorous job. This was in spite of the fact that it seemed to me that the nuns did all the heavy work in the parish.

    I’m grateful now that I was rejected. I would have been defrocked for my feminist views and sexual orientation long ago. This is what people refuse to see – that feminist nuns and openly gay priests are thrown out as soon as they are identified but closeted pedophiles are protected at all costs.

    Sadly, that doesn’t keep staunch Catholics from repeating the Vatican lie that the sexual abuse scandal was created by feminist nuns and gay priests.

    Why is the Pope given so much world press any way? He is the leader of the Roman Catholic church. His words should only be relevant to Roman Catholics yet on any given day, he gets more press than the leaders of most countries. Why is that?

  37. Sean Mishael 13 Apr 2013, 4:40am

    I’ve always found it disturbing that this guy stood at a window in the Vatican with an image of Christ’s naked abs lit behind him, and proclaimed that homosexuals are evil.

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