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Bahamas: Chief Justice predicts that equal marriage will be addressed in court soon

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Reader comments

  1. Although I support marriage equality in general, I think that marriage equality at this time in the Bahamas would do more harm than good.

    Bahamas is the only Afro-Caribbean country that voluntarily gave up it’s sodomy law.

    All the other countries that have not given them up Jamaica, Belize, Trinidad, Guyana, Barbados, St Lucia, Dominica, Grenada, etc. will use marriage equality in Bahamas to hysterically make a case for no reform at all.

    I do think now is a great time for anti discrimination legislation in the Bahamas.

    1. That There Other David 19 Feb 2013, 11:46am

      Parts of France are in the Caribbean. There will be same-sex marriages performed in the region within months, regardless of what the Bahamas do. Given that Latin America is also gradually welcoming equal marriage too the risk of this move upsetting the Caribbean apple cart is minuscule, and certainly no reason for The Bahamas to hold back reforming its legal system to benefit its citizens.

      Every region in the world has one country that has to be first. Contrary to what you think this could actually lead to MORE reform and LGBT protections, as it is doing in Latin America.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 19 Feb 2013, 12:33pm

      I do think it’s a great time for compulsory reparative therapy for christian bigots who are for the most part intrinsically disordered. After all, one is not born that way, but rather one chooses to live a lifestyle that is against logic, reason and rationality, an unnatural existence and contrary to nature when you consider the carnage and discrimination it has visited on human civilisation for two millenia.

  2. I’m not sure I understand – if one of the most prosperous Caribbean nations implements new equality laws (without, as we know, the world falling apart), how can that be a bad thing?

    1. (That was meant in reply to Jean above.)

  3. Good luck to them.
    Once it is legal there I am sure the other islands will realise it makes good business sense and join them!

  4. Pavlos Prince of Greece 19 Feb 2013, 1:38pm

    Historic year for gay rights in the Caribbean: same-sex marriage has already became legal in the Dutch Caribbean (at least in the island of Saba),12 years after law comes in power in European part of Kingdom, the same will happen very soon in French Caribbean islands of Martinique and Guadelupe (as well territory of French Guyana in Latin America), now Bahamas, maybe same-sex civil partnerships in Cuba too. But – the shadow of Jamaica still is very big …

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 19 Feb 2013, 2:06pm

      Don’t forget Aruba, another Dutch territory where equal marriage is legal. French Polynesia is also mulling it once France legalises it on April 2, 2013.

      1. Pavlos Prince of Greece 19 Feb 2013, 5:52pm

        I think, Aruba is autonomous region of the ‘United Kingdom of Netherlands’, where same-sex marriage is recognised, but not performed, and on the basis of Dutch law only (if at least one person in the married gay couple is Dutch citizen, and marriage was performed in the European part of the Netherlands – or, as I think, in one of three smallest Dutch Caribbean islands, where Dutch gay marriage law is absolutely valid since December 2012, like for example, in the island of Saba). However, French Polynesia is an autonomous region of France – together with New Caledonia, and not simple ‘department oversees’ as La Reunion, La Mayotte, French Guyana, Martinique, Guadelupe and St. Pierre et Micelon; same-sex marriage law will not be valid here, at least not automaticly. No gay marriage in Bora-Bora in the near future, helas.

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