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US: Black Keys drummer receives homophobic abuse from Justin Bieber fans over feud

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Reader comments

  1. Track the tweeters down and let the courts hold them to account for their homophobic ranting

  2. Sorry, how is this newsworthy?
    Or in any way interesting?
    What am I missing?

    1. We’re verging on Gaily Mail territory with this.

  3. Ironic as the beeb is one of the gayest performers since Liberace. Serious case of penis envy here.

  4. Think my last comment got lost.

    Just gonna say I also think its ironic, especially since JB is regularly subjected to homophobic taunts himself.

    I also agree JB has a very queer vibe to him. IIRC his fans even went after Justin for looking too effeminate and gay in a photospread he did for V magazine a few years back.

  5. Suddenly Last Bummer 18 Feb 2013, 8:08pm

    FFS. Playing devil’s advocate for a second; Matt Carney is 32 and going on twitter to troll the tween fans of a tween performer. He’s as big an idiot as those rising to his bait.

  6. Marcwebbo3 18 Feb 2013, 8:18pm

    This all sounds very immature to me….drummer should know better….as for the fans….wet behind the ears silly girls not worth bothering about….cant see what they see in this talentless drip

  7. Sounds like they’re all having fun.

  8. Liam the God 19 Feb 2013, 5:14pm

    Beiber doesn’t deserve a Grammy, or recognition, or the right to BREATHE! Same goes for his “Fans” (who wouldn’t know Music if they fell over it). Another performer (I can’t bring myself to call him a Singer) that believes his own hype. When do you think Beiber will reach puberty?

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