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Canada: Ontario Premier thanks church for ‘strength and refuge’ while she was coming out

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  1. As A resident of Ontario, yes I can asure those who may be concerned ,that she has been accepted as the Premier of the province.Although for the time being she is appointed to the position only.Having been elected to the post by here party only to replace the outgoing Premier.She now has the unenviable task of leading a Minority Government in provincial politics. We will have to wait for a general election to determine if her popularity is held by all members of the provincial public at large.But here in the great Metropolis of Toronto she is hailed as a breath of fresh air.Certainly a great improvement over the stogy performance of previous polititions.Like everything Post Marriage equality Canada. The country is just ticking along jiggity-boo,our social frabic has not been torn assunder. The sky has not fallen,hetrosexuals are not flinging themselves on the mercy of homosexuals in a bid to save their jobs or their religious fortunes.And to the great consternation of the Mainstream.

    1. Churches there has not been one court case with regard to their discrimination of LGBT community regarding marriage performances. The fact is no one cares whether they do or not. they are as impotent ,as a diabetic without his viagra.They have lost all real influence here . Because of their record on social issues ,going back to rapist priests abusive residential schools for aboriginal children going back 150years. and the roll of the Christian Brothers of Ireland in many other abuses in this country in the past.The church and religion in general, is for the moment tolerated as long as they don`t raise their ugly heads to far , and bring the publics ire and memory back into existence. However they may feel emboldened for a brief moment if the new Pope is a Canadian.But this too will be put down quickly by the Canadian public, if it looks as though.Religion is going to raise its ugly bigoted head too far above the pavement..

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