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US: School district threatened with lawsuit drops ban on same-sex prom dates

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Reader comments

  1. Well done to Stacey Dawson for standing up for himself.

    However, I’m not convinced with Mr McFerren’s explanation that this was an ‘innocent mistake.’

    Surely innocent mistakes don’t need to be corrected by having to threaten legal action?

  2. This is a great step in the right direction. I ma surprised and delighted that legal action proved to be such an effective threat.

  3. I think this actually shows in some ways how far we’ve come in the last 10-15 years. It wasn’t uncommon even back then for people to “innocently” assume that basically everyone (except a few famous people) was straight.

    An ordinary person from a conservative rural area would likely simply assume that no-one there, high school student or adult, was gay. I don’t think this was out of bigotry, but merely lack of education.

    It is only pretty recently that ordinary people from all over the place have started to realise that gay people are *everywhere*, and that how conservative or rural an area is makes no real difference to the percentage of people who are gay, and that it isn’t a choice and is determined at a very early age.

    People tend to no longer assume that we don’t exist. That has to be a step forward.

  4. Sad that they do not have more morals to do what is right by treating everybody equal and they only “change their minds” when threatened with being sued and the thought of losing money and the law suit.

  5. This is a major issue in places across north America at this time of year every year. It happens in far more places than PN readers are aware of.

    This video shows the kind of objections and closed minded arguments presented to prevent them attending.

    And this from the movie about a Canadian who 6 years ago had a similar court fight “He won!”

    1. Here is a far better promo/representational link from the movie of the student who took on the Canadian Catholic school system so he could take his bf to the prom.

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