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US Radio Host: Gay rights should not ‘trump the rights of Christians’ to not see gay people

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Reader comments

  1. You know, this is getting down to the point of repeating every blogging christian numbskull out there. Is there proof of her having any actual influence?

    I would hope other self-identifying christians would shout these wingnuts down – because they are helping make “christian” synonymous with “lying snivelling would-be martyr pissant” – But I really would not hold my breath.

    1. Not everybody wants to see hateful Christians.

  2. I don’t really think these fundamentalists get Christianity.

    Two powerful statements from Jesus Christ:

    1. Love thy neighbour
    2. Judge not and you will not be judged.

    He also said lots about rich people, and the difficulties they’d face getting into Heaven.

    ..easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than rich man to get into the gates of Heaven.

    He must be fairly disappointed the way his good name has been hijacked by bigots worldwide.

    I reckon that’s why he’s never come back again for the promised second coming.

    He’s too damn embarrassed.

    1. I’ve got some advice for her – ‘if thine eye offends thee, pluck it out’.

  3. Scraping the bottom of the moron barrel for news again?

  4. Chris Aldridge 16 Feb 2013, 9:30pm

    So anyone she doesn’t like should have to bow down and hide when she sees them in public? And exactly how much more of a right does she have to be there than the person she doesn’t like? INSANE!

  5. David Jordan 16 Feb 2013, 9:31pm

    Christians have no more right to not see gay people then Klansmen have to not see black people.

    If you’re upset by a gay teenager taking his boyfriend to prom and have a good time then frankly you have a very warped mind.

    1. oi there are some black klans men –go figure! and there are some Christian gays and lesbians, even black Christian gays and lesbians LOL. but honestly the problem is Christianity does not promote outward manifestations of love – sex even in heterosexual relationships.

      1. Which side are you on, Lizzie?

  6. “A US Christian radio host has spoken out….”

    Yawn. Slow news day?

    Come on PN, recycling more and more of this utterly predictable stuff just to fill space is devaluing your site. :-(

    If there’s no news…, well, there’s just no news.

    1. Quite a few others seem to be saying this too.

      But I think Pink News is doing an important job by documenting these right-wing Christian attacks by influential people – and a radio host is seriously influential, let’s make no mistake about that.

      If the only people who get to hear the bigotry are those who actually listen to these radio shows, who are probably not the most worldly-wise group if I may place a sweeping generalisation for just a moment, then more enlightened commentators will be unable to challenge what is being said and the bigotry will fester in this group of listeners.

      Meanwhile, those who don’t wish to read items such as this on PN do not, of course, have to. They are easy to identify amongst all the other great news articles we read here.

      1. Brian-E, well said! I agree with you. PinkNews IS performing an important role reporting hopefully all instances of outrageous public homophobia! We need to know where it is.

        I guess some people prefer to have their heads buried in the sand, or lost in the clouds of la-la-land, where everything is beautiful!

    2. Indeed. There’s reporting meaningful LGBT news items, and then there’s Jerry Springerisms like this. Not everyone wants to hear every last bowl movement uttered by every homophobic hate group or hate monger. If it’s a slow news day, no news is preferable to this appeal to bile fascination. Haters hate – we know this already.

    3. The only problem with that is that if no one informs if these News Items them we might not know the extent if the problem. I for one am happy to know who mine Ememies are…. And what they are saying and doing. Keep your friends close… And your enemies closer!

  7. You have the right to close your eyes and no one can take that away from you.

  8. Hahahaha. I must admit I laughed when I saw in the first page of PinkNews “rights…to not see gay people”. Now bigots think they have the right to not see other people that offend them ? Ok, so where is my right to not see ugly people, be around smelly people and hear bigot people ? They offend me. How dare they be themselves and force me to perceive them with my own senses ? Ai, ai….

    And they still think they are Christians ? That they are followers of the peace-and-love guy who once said “Judge not, that you be not judged” ? Laughable, if only it was not pitable.

  9. Well people, she may be a nobody and PinkNews may be on a weak day to post the rants of some random homophobe but at least some of these lunatics still amuse us, like that Russian wrestling coach some news ago who blames the demise of Olympic wrestling on gay people. Remembering Voltaire: “My God, make our enemies quite ridiculous!”, and, boy, did He grant our wish !!

  10. “not everyone wants to see gay people”

    I had a book called am I blue? where gay people were blue, bisexual a little blue and so on.

    be so cool if that was true, she would realise how many gay people she saw each day.

    and how many of her friends in the christian right were somewhat blue as well…

    1. Liam the God 16 Feb 2013, 10:45pm

      Oh, so now I’m a kind of pale Turquoise! About the same colour as my car, then….

    2. douglas in canada 18 Feb 2013, 2:13pm

      …and if christians were pink, we’d realize that so many of those who call themselves christian wouldn’t even have a sliver of pink on their bodies…

      this could be a good idea. :P

      “a rose is NOT a rose is NOT a rose”

  11. It’s quite simple. If you don’t want to see gay people, then no-one is making you. Just stay in your house, don’t look out the windows, don’t watch TV, and don’t look in a mirror.

    1. “don’t look in the mirror”

      ZING! :D

    2. “and don’t look in the mirror”…
      What are you going on about?
      She couldn’t possibly look into a mirror…
      no mirror has ever survived the experience!

  12. The hair. That is all.

    1. Well, she has a face for radio too.

    2. Come on, you malign one of the most adorable lesbians in the UK, Jane Hill, as well as many others! A person’s look have got nothing to do with the poison they may distil in their minds.

      1. Yes, a person’s look should have nothing to do with it. It’s the ugliness inside that is most abhorrent thing about her. However, I would love to take a pair of scissors to THAT hair! Perhaps the scissors could slip into her skull but that would be an accident and she’s brainless anyway, so she wouldn’t notice any difference I’m sure. :-D

      2. Jane Hill is gorgeous, what are you on about?

  13. To paraphrase the ‘I have many gay friends’ etc…I have many Christian friends who are passionate about gay rights. They are published writers who’s books and stories have gay protagonists (and its not all erotica ) I consider myself a believer if not an out-and-out Christian..I am also passionate about gay rights and equality. I have a blog which is gay historical and Contemperary stories and articles. I am heartily sick to bloody death of people like this woman giving people like me and other ‘believers’ a bad name. We are NOT all bigots and hypocrites. Shame on her and people like her. Just saying.

  14. der-der, der-der, der-der…..

    The sound of a broken christian record.

  15. PeterinSydney 16 Feb 2013, 10:26pm

    These Christians again revert to teh Hitlerian solution. Liquidate anyone you don’t like. “See how they love one another!!!!”

  16. Christians, or for that matter any religious group’s beliefs do NOT trump the rights of other citizens. If secular behavior, whether it be marriage, displays of kinship, love and interpersonal bonds are in direct opposition to their beliefs, superstitions, or religious teachings they MUST understand that that is the price they must pay as citizens of any nation that practices equality for ALL of its citizens.
    Living in San Francisco, I’ve always wondered why so many residents of this city are from Indiana. I’m beginning to understand; they’ve fled a medieval system of hate.
    Unfortunately, some of the people who fled want to create a conservative environment in this city, but that is off topic.

  17. Christopher Hobe Morrison 16 Feb 2013, 10:59pm

    How about the right of normal people not to see bigits?

    1. See or hear or even perceive their existence.

  18. She says something as absurd as that yet would no doubt play the martyrdom card if she was labelled a bigot.

    You don’t have to be atheist or gay to see how nonsensical this woman is. Like something from a comedy sketch. Perhaps she is really a comedian and is parodying the religious right?

  19. Another candidate for a hit list. Bring it on! It’ll make somebody’s job easier soneme day.

    1. Blue, people are assuming, with reason, that by using the term “hit list” you are advocating violence. You need to modify your response, or possible even your thinking.

  20. ‘Americans for Truth about Homosexuality’ accuse us of being the most intolerant people on the planet and “up there with the Jihadists”! Wow! A very vocal section of Christianity has become neo-Nazi. The more ‘liberal’ section of Christianity is not quite as vocal, which is allowing their religion to be hijacked by extremists. I realise however, that you only have to scratch the surface of the views of plenty of ‘liberal’ Christians and underneath is something more extreme. Perhaps they are not too concerned about allowing the extremists to do as they please. The truth is that militant Christians are increasingly “up there with the Jihadists” (I see little difference between them) and should be treated by our Governments as an equal threat to society as extremist Islamists.

  21. Robert in S. Kensington 16 Feb 2013, 11:52pm

    It’s the exact same sentiment C4M and others of their iik hold in the equal marriage debate. They want their religious beliefs to take precedence over the civil rights of LGBT people and their supporters in Parliament are no better. They would all identify with this abuse of religious freedom moron. Evil cow.

    1. Robert, let’s be blunt here; they want their CHRISTIAN religious beliefs to take precedence…period, end of sentence. Everybody else’s beliefs can step well back, do not expect any exceptions, bow down and do as the “good CHRISTIANS” want and say, because the rest of us are beneath them and their faith and meaningless to boot!

  22. Neon Genesis 17 Feb 2013, 12:12am

    I thought according to fundamentalist Christianity, it was a sin for women to preach over men? What if some Christian men don’t want to see this lady preach over men?

    1. I’m sure there is some verse in the Bible that could make someone feel justified in stoning her to death. If the ancient views of the Bible are taken literally, then most humans today should be ‘put to death’! If it is impossible to sympathetically apply the Bible to a modern age or if its followers cannot be trusted to have it without becoming extremely irrational, then every copy of it should be destroyed. That itself may sound irrational, but an increasing number of people with religious faith appear to have become psychologically disturbed and dangerous under the influence of that book.

      1. We are not under the Law ( Old Testerment) as Christians, you are right most CHristians are marching to the wrong drummer , i blame the writings of Paul which is in error!

        1. ‘Testerment’

          Love it ;-)

        2. Lizzie, both your Old AND your New “Testaments” are collections of complete imagination and nonsense. Get that firmly into your head and take control of your own life.

        3. Lizzie is actually correct, the new testament is the only thing that applies to christians, it overrules the old (where all the verses regarding homosexuality come from) the other mentions in the new testament are in Paul’s letters – and he is NOT an authoritative source at all.

  23. Bill Cameron 17 Feb 2013, 12:25am

    Substitute ‘black’ or ‘Jew’ for ‘gay’ and see just how offensive this ‘Christianist’ is being. What an awful, ignorant person she is.

    1. Okay!

      “A US Christian radio host has spoken out about a school at which some students requested a white-Christians only prom, and said that “not everybody wants to see” black or Jewish people.”

      “Some Christians would not want to see black couples or Jewish couples, why should black rights or Jewish rights “trump” the rights of Christians not to have to see them.”

      1. I seem to remember that got tried in the 30s and 40s in Europe and in the US for far too long

  24. This isn’t a “moral” issue– this women is just a moralist. I don’t want your approval when it comes to who I love. I don’t want your blessing or to be part of your institution or any of that other crap. I just want to be free to exist without being constantly called an “abomination” and having the safety of my family put at risk because some people are ignorant, paranoid bigots who only know how to hate what they do not understand.

    So straight people have a right to deny my existence? Well why the hell don’t I have the same right regarding stupid people?

  25. I see gay people!

    1. How often do you see them?

  26. She obviously doesn’t know her bible..
    ‘If thine eyes offend thee, tear them out’

    1. Good one! Yes, indeed.

  27. Spanner1960 17 Feb 2013, 8:15am

    Not everyone wants to put up with holier-than-thou religionist crackpots like you dear, but unfortunately shit happens.

  28. As a Christian you know that there really should not be ANY PROM HETERO OR HOMO OR INCLUSIVE OF BOTH , as it is promoting fornication amongst the youth. TRUE so let us get frekkin real. Upshot as a Christian i would not let my kids date either until they are of age. True.(

    1. The capital letters always give the loon away ;-)

      1. Thank you, Wingby! As PinkNews doesn’t provide one with ability to embolden or italicize words, this loon also uses capitalization! ;-)

    2. Correction: “As a Christian one has been brainwashed to believe that there really should not be . . . blah, blah, blah, . . . ”

      Take control of your own life, Lizzie. Dump all that crap of the ancient religions.

    3. I always thought a prom was just a dance in nice clothes. Where does promoting the fornication come into it?

      As a Christian, you would have to ban your kids from proms, from most things on TV, from magazines, from the cinema, from coffee shops.

      Or get real and realise that sex is just a part of life.

    4. Wow, I would be willing to wager that your kids CAN’T WAIT to get away from you and your miserable idea of life. What next? They can’t marry the person of their choice because you have a pre-arranged marriage to what YOU consider an appropriate mate? You really are a sad, over-bearing and manipulative POS, aren’t you, Lizzie?

    5. It’s about dancing, lizzie! What is this obsession with sex so many ‘traditional christians’ have? it’s weird.

  29. Regrettably this woman is listened to – and taken seriously – by many Americans – her radio show based in Texas is syndicated to more than 100 other stations across the US.

    Admittedly much of this nonsense just bounces around in the echo chamber of the religious and right-wing groups – but they are a significant group and they control much of the teaparty – and therefore the Republicans. So far reality has managed to intervene but if ever they should get real power then it will affect us all – even over here in the UK.

    Do not underestimate these people – their appeals to fear and use of demagoguery can be very effective, especially to those who have already swallowed several fairy stories (creationism; birtherism; global warming is a conspiracy of the left, etc). And they are VERY anti-gay.

    1. Yes, very true. They are up there with the Jihadists as a threat to modern civilised society, wanting to make us live under ancient conditions. However, they themselves are content to have the benefits of a modern civilised society and ignore parts of the Bible that would define them as ‘abominations’ that should be given the death penalty. They just don’t want anyone else to share those benefits and use the bible incorrectly as their weapon and their shield. Unfortunately the electorate (of any nation) can be very fickle and it is entirely possible for an extremist of the Republican Party to be elected President in the USA.

    2. I made the mistake of checking wiki (above comments about American blog-bigots with no influence) and see that she gets THREE HOURS five days a week to spill her hate. Even the so-called “secular” radio-hosts are awful people – I recognized Bill Bennett and Michael Medved. Ugh. The audience is like the TeaParty/GOP – old, white, insecure, insane, etc. – and I’m sure they send in their checks for $15 when called upon. Ugh Ugh.

  30. Helge Vladimir Tiller 17 Feb 2013, 8:59am

    I’m not at all surprised : Christianity and the way the Bible has been interpreted through history, has led to the murder of millions upon millions of gays and lesbians “in the name of God”- (Even by the Church itself ! ) Homophobia always boils down to religion.

  31. My friend’s very bigoted mother moved to a small village in Kent because she said she didn’t want to see black people. Same thing. Nasty.

    1. Same thing has applied to Jews in the past too…..

    2. Yes! And my partner and I had our jaws dropped for us one day while in Wales and we met a woman who’d moved there from Essex with her husband. Without any embarrassment or moment of pause whatsoever she declared, “The blacks in this country should all be lined up and shot!”

      The hills are not only alive with the sound of music!

      1. Please don’t judge all us Essex folk by your unpleasant experience we are not all like that at all.

  32. Jock S. Trap 17 Feb 2013, 9:49am

    Stupid woman.

    They just don’t get it do they.

    It’s not a case of anyone’s right trumping another, it’s about all being treated equally.

    It is Christian’s who think they should trump all others by being above any laws. It’s just damn right discrimination.

    As for “not everybody wants to see” gay people”… what the **** is she going on about. You see gay people all the time, you just don’t want to see it because you only judge people via sex not humanity.

    These people just continue to show themselves up and it’s does them no good. They seek to be able to grade each human by sex then claim they are all moral this and moral that.

    Fact is heterosexual aren’t (supposedly) characterised by sex then Why are homosexual people?

    Her blatant ignorance is pathetic.

  33. It brings to mind an old X-files episode in which the bad guy had the power to hypnotise those around him so they couldn’t see things using neurolinguistic programming tricks.
    In the opening scene he’s able to prevent his arresting officer from seeing an oncoming truck at a t-junction. Needless to say the truck was still there.
    Perhaps we should grant her wish and try this on her, just imagine the number of gay people and gay establishments she’d be bumping into every day on the street.

    1. Christopher in Canada 17 Feb 2013, 1:38pm

      These aren’t the droids you are looking for. You are free to continue on your way.

    2. It’s gay people !! America is made out of gay people !!

  34. Oh, sod off, lady, if you don’t want to see any gay people, you’d better stay indoors and never watch any telly.

    1. The evidence suggests that is pretty much what she does except that she has a broadcasting link to the rest of the US from her cell in the secure institution where she is looked after.

  35. Any Christian who hates gay people is not Christian. Your homophobic attitude is Middle Ages rhetoric and has no place on modern society. Climb back into your cave and dynamite the entrance closed and drop dead. Gay people are going o where, we are everywhere and if you don’t like it then I suggest a bullet in Your brain to ease your suffering and make the world a better place. God loves everyone, gay,straight, black, white. No one is excluded from his love.

    1. Even earlier than Middle Ages rhetoric, I would say. Christian intolerance and hatred started in the end of the Antiquity when a very forgiving and loving Christian mob captured the Greek female mathematician and philosopher Hypatia Of Alexandria and skinned her alive. Apparently the spirit of that so-called “Christian” mob is still alive today.

  36. It amazes me how many “Christians” think they have a right not to be offended. Or criticized.

  37. It is a shame that this so called lady cannot see past her bigotry. So a group of people demands to not be able to see another group of people in public. Well darling, the answer is simple. I suggest you all shack up in a commune and never walk in society which will let you keep your blinders on.

  38. Janet Mefferd asserts the moral “right” of people who do not wish “to see” gay people!

    Jesus and Mohammed! This is FRIGHTENING stuff! It is SUCH complete PROOF of self-assured out-and-out HATRED of gay people, people who cannot HELP being of homosexual orientation!

    I am tempted to despair. But we have to FIGHT these utter BIGOTS!

  39. “She concluded: “You will always have Christians who will disagree with this and why should the rights of the activists trump the rights of Christians?””

    I don’t know. Why should the rights of Christians trump the rights of everyone else??

    1. Who knows ? Maybe because she thinks the Abrahamic theorical metaphysical entity Yahweh hates gay people and so should the human beings ? That’s quite an argument, so logical and undeniable.

  40. James Woods 17 Feb 2013, 6:06pm

    Jesus was too busy loving and healing people….the only ones he condemned and threw out of the temple were the financiers (bankers) who where screwing the poor, so nothing changes….these so called Christians who want straight only proms, and to me so FAR from being Christian need to WAKE up and see that God is neither male nor female and he created all in His image which has nothing to do with gender….as a “GAY CHRISTIAN” and so proud of it I KNOW that GOD IS LOVE and it is humans who judge in HIS place……which is the greater sin?

  41. I’m looking in my Constitution and searching the FindLaw database for the “right not to see gay people”…anyone give me a lead on that? Must be a recent court decision… ^.^

    1. Or maybe it is somewhere in the First Amendment, you know, that one that says “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, unless that religion carries a moral code that segregates and persecutes people of non-heterosexual and non-cisgender sexuality”. You know, like how the Founding Fathers of the United States originally wrote.

  42. Her argument reminds me of the older argument claiming a right to racial segregation for the more socially privileged “races”. They thumped biblical justification ad nauseum for that too.

    The point is, no matter how kind and gentle Christ may have been, human beings are adept at construing a dogmatic reference to justify any cultural hangup they can come up with.

  43. Equally, why should bigoted Christian rights trump other people’s rights? I’m a Christian, I’m also lgbt, and these bigoted make me ashamed to have anything to do with them. You don’t like gay people, fine, stay away from them, but don’t tell them they don’t have the same right to attend their prom that you do.

  44. ……… Mean while in America.

  45. Helge V. Tiller 17 Feb 2013, 9:08pm

    Oh, yet another bloody female taliban from the USA. A lot of them over there—men and women.

  46. “You will always have Christians who will disagree with this and why should the rights of the activists trump the rights of Christians?”

    Why? Because for too fucking long, we’ve been forced to sit in the dark while the Christians and other religious nutcases get it their way. NO MORE. We’re now getting our fair share of rights. Who said those rights are trampling over your rights? You still get to wear a cross at work after employment appeal… so shut up.

    Stop crying into the corner of your apron and just fricking accept that we’re now getting what we’ve been asking for.

  47. Robert White 18 Feb 2013, 5:00am

    You don’t want to see it? don’t go to the prom. See, nothing stops your right “not to see it”. You aren’t required to go.

    Why would that right not to see be turned into a prohibition of others to do, when it is not infringed by the doing of others.

    1. She’s too old to go, and doesn’t attend the school the controvesy was about, anyway.

      But then, logic is not a concept to which she appears to subscribe…

  48. Someone give that woman an orgasm. She looks so retentive that a knitting needle would not fall out if she tried to hang onto it.

    Urgh! The horror of that face, no wonder her husband probably has a wide stance in the local cruising spot. I would too…

    1. Probably she wouldn’t accept it, she probably believes her God forbids women from feeling pleasure in the sex, since according to the book she fanatically follows women are second-rate people.

  49. Another fuzzy brained non Christian female. To be ignored.

  50. 1) Christianity, as a religion, is a choice. Homosexuality, at its core, is not a choice. You are what you are. Sure some people choose to accept it and move on while others dont accept it, hide it and feel miserable the rest of their lives but at its core, its not a choice.

    2) Its silly to shelter kids from the fact that some boys do like boys andgirls do like girls. Having hetrosexual proms or anything like that only reinforced the barriers that are up between gays and straights when instead we should be taking those barriers down. I mean, hetrosexuals and homosexuals are exactly the same except for their sexuality.

  51. Guglielmo Marinaro 18 Feb 2013, 12:49pm

    If this woman doesn’t want to see gay people, that’s fine. Let her move to a desert island as soon as possible – and take her 8 discs and her Bible and Shakespeare with her.

    1. I didn’t understand the Shakespeare part. Why Shakespeare ? He is a great writer, too good for fanatic and narrow-minded people like Janet Mefferd to understand and appreciate. In fact he even mentions demonstrations of man’s love in the play Coriolanus. People like her don’t deserve anything other than her hateful little book the Bible.

  52. These people are forgetting that anti-discrimination law is there to protect people from being discriminated against, and not there to help people discriminate against others, whether it is based on religion or not.

    1. the USA doesn’t have much anti-discrimination law and its not universal to all states. They might as well not have any.

  53. People are MADE religious. People are BORN gay. Sorry. Being gay DOES trump belief.

  54. And real humans don’t want to see religious freaks, so they should be banned from showing their faces in public!

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