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Gay author offers to write Superman for DC comics to ‘balance’ hiring of anti-gay writer

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Reader comments

  1. jesus christ its just a god damn comic. Its not like hes going to be wearing high heels or flying the westbro bastard church.

  2. Dave Gerrold would be a stellar choice to do a Superman comic — he’s a fine writer, can craft a good, tight story, and isn’t at all self-indulgent or talky.

  3. David Jordan 16 Feb 2013, 8:59pm

    The best commentary I’ve heard about OSC is that in the 1985 he wrote one of the most critically acclamed science fiction books of the 20th century and then spent the next 27 years undoing that with a string of sequels and novel that fans and critics agree suffered from Card’s constan pro-LDS and anti-LGBT filibustering and a series of anti-gay rants in the verious newspapers he writes for.
    The joke is that he only ever wrote one and a half good books because his only other book that was meet with good review was Ender’s Shadow, which is just Ender’s Game from another point of view.
    It will be interesting to see coming up to November if anyone was the balls to ask the directors and actors of the film of Ender’s Game about Card’s views.

    1. He wrote a fantasy titled, if I remember correctly, “Magic Street” that was quite good, that came out several years ago. But on the whole, you’re correct — he’s a terribly self-indulgent writer, and his books reached the point of unreadability some while back.

  4. “The Man Who Folded Himself” was always one of my favourite sci-fi books.
    I loved the work of David Gerrold.

    1. He wrote a YA trilogy called “The Dingilliad” that was just terrific — good, tight stories, not at all sugar-coated — and also “The Martian Child” about his experience adopting a son that is, again, stellar. Gerrold also wrote “The Trouble With Tribbles,” which I believe is still the most popular Star Trek episode ever. I would love to see him do Superman.

  5. Gerrold wrote a gay-oriented script for a Star Trek spin-off in the ’80’s. It was never made, but I have a copy of the teleplay and it’s another excellent Gerrold story. He’s an excellent write.

  6. Marvel depicts a same-sex wedding. DC hires anti-gay authors.
    I think it’s obvious whose comics to read.

  7. So for every anti-gay writer you balance that with a pro-gay writer? So, for every Zionist an anti-Semite?

    For every pro-gay writer one hundred who are apathetic and will do nothing? Oh yes, that’s the status quo already.

  8. David Gerrold is a legend among us Trekkies! DC should bite his hand off! Not as “balance” or because of negative reactions to OSC, but because he is a bloody good writer!

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