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US: Legal action threatened over school district’s policy banning same-sex prom dates

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  1. The anti-gay Christians teach adults and children hate and discrimination in their Christian churches and groups and they then bring it into the schools and teach and preach it there. The only thing that stops them is if you sue them for money.

  2. Prom on 20th April? Are they celebrating Hitler’s birthday? : )

    1. Christopher 15 Feb 2013, 2:05pm

      No 420.

  3. A school district with 330 students in Missouri will be rural and fundamentalist in composition. So the school embodies “christian’ principles to the extent it can get away with it.

    But why they would even attempt this today is a puzzle, since there must be 100 similar cases stretching back 20 years just on this exact point, bringing a same-sex date to the prom. It’s not been an issue a school district has ever won, at least since about 1990, no one litigated these in the really bad old days…but really ‘resistance is futile’, thank god.

  4. The ban was lifted this moning.

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