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Labour intensify pressure on Welsh Secretary David Jones over gay parenting remarks

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Reader comments

  1. Chris Bryant! What a superb letter!

    Well done! Well done!

    1. I’m not always a fan of Bryant but he’s got it absolutely right here! Thank you.

  2. He should resign. Imagine if he had made such comments about black parents! Apology is not enough.

    1. GulliverUK 15 Feb 2013, 7:04pm

      His remarks are so insulting, offensive and inflammatory that I really don’t believe he can be allowed to continue on as Welsh Secretary. He won’t resign as an MP, but the PM should replace him. I suspect he won’t do it today, or next week, but in the coming months he’s be replaced and returned to the back-benches.

      I agree that an apology isn’t really going to be enough – especially as he’s already flunked his first feeble attempt at an explanation.

      1. If his removal as Welsh Secretary by Cameron means anything at all and if it is to send out the message that his remarks are unacceptable then he has to go now, i.e. today or the next day or two, not in the coming months. If it is left for any length of time, then Cameron is content for the issue to be swept under the carpet.

    2. The black/gay argument is a false equivalence. Skin colour wholly superficial. Sex/gender is a totally different dynamic. Try harder. (I’m pro-gay btw)

      1. Is really a false equivalent?. What have either skin colour or sexuality got to do with being a good parent? It is not as if you can teach a child either. Heterosexual parents do not teach their child heterosexuality.

        The fact that you believe it is a totally different dynamic says more about your feelings about gay people (even though you say you are pro gay) than it does about the ability of gay people to bring up children.

        I would offer to you the same challenge as Bryant offered

        Either show this totally different dynamic and the the impact it has or take some time to reconsider what you have said.

      2. Prejudice, however, is remarkably similar. Try substituting the work ‘black’ or ‘Jew[ish]’ for the word ‘gay’ in any statement: you might find it an interesting, or even enlightening, exercise.

  3. I have two children, having adopted them with my partner a year ago. Life has moved on past this bigot. The world turns and dinosaurs become extinct, eventually. I don’t want my children to grow up around these attitudes. These bigots are unnatural throwbacks. Move on and shut up. Well done Chris Bryant!

    1. And well done to you and your partner, Patrick, for adopting two children. David Jones and his chums on the Tory benches wish your family harm – and all of us – by trying to plant the idea in the minds of the public that children are not safe around gay people. They mustn’t be allowed to succeed. I really hope he has to resign, if not sacked. Cameron cannot be trusted by gay people if he allows that extreme bigot to continue sitting in Cabinet. Best wishes for the future.

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 15 Feb 2013, 8:04pm

    Cameron will be damned if he replaces him or doesn’t. The religious nutters in the party will accuse him of caving into gay activists and screaming the abuse of religious freedom card again which is where this is all coming from, let’s face it.

    He should resign or Cameron definitely needs to replace him. I expect him to back pedal his comments, they all do when cornered. Sir Roger Gale is trying to do the same thing but it hasn’t worked for him and it work for Davies. I’m glad Chris Bryant has asked him to come forward with the evidence and if he does, probably from some right wing group without any legitimate authority or credibility. Sharon James often resorts to this kind of mischief.

    His remarks are not only inflammatory, insulting and offensive to gay people but to straight people raising children as single parents or who have been widowed with children. Disgusting man. He’s not fit to be in office.

    1. I was about to suggest that maybe he’s lived in sheltered environment, a religious one, deep in the valleys, but then I remembered my little break in Cardiff two years ago! In his position this guy must spend most of his time in Cardiff. On a Tuesday night I found two gay bars in the heart of the city pounding and full of people, even spilling out onto the pavement, and on the way back to my B&B about 11pm I got intensive scares from some very attractive young men in a park I passed through. Life is clearly going on in Cardiff. Add to that the fact that most of the Welsh-language dramas on S4C have a gay character in them, and positively portrayed. So there’s no excuse.

  5. He should resign and in fact he really isn’t representive of Wales anyway.

    The church of Wales is more pro gay, all members of Plaid Cymru voted for equal mariage and I suspect most of the Welsh labour MPs did as well. Wales is pretty gay friendly and it’s disgusting that all the Tory MPs in Wales voted against the will of the Welsh people.

    Get rid of him and get someone who represents Welsh views please!

  6. Another example (not that we needed one) that the issue for the opponents of same sex marriage is not “Marriage” but a general prejudice and ignorance about LGBT people,

  7. This story is due to be covered on ITV News at Ten tonight

  8. Just had a look at the Sky News website report on this. The comments below the article shows that bigotry is truly alive and kicking.

    People like David Jones, in powerful public positions, can influence the way many, many others think and behave. He won’t influence anyone who isn’t bigoted to become so, but he can definitely influence those who are already bigoted to feel justified in their viewpoint and to vocalise it more vociferously and worse.

    The recent hatemongering comments of public figures opposed to same-sex marriage are so potentially damaging. Politicians are adept at spin so they all know exactly what effect their open bigotry could have.

    When they repeat their anti-gay comments often enough, many amongst the general public become desensitised to it and think they’re just airing an ‘opinion’ that shouldn’t be called anything other than a legitimate ‘viewpoint’ even when it’s clearly bigoted – we are then demonised for daring to challenge the bigotry.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 16 Feb 2013, 12:33pm

      What galls me is that it takes a statement like this to motivate Chris Bryant and David Cameron to counter Jones. Why were they all silent when the vile, hateful rhetoric was being banded about in the media and from the Catholic church and the unbalanced programming of the BBC favouring the opposition over the past year? Sometimes being politically correct and saying nothing can be detrimental when hateful remarks go unchallenged.

  9. Has he got a drink problem? I wonder.

  10. This is surely a sack-able offence. His suggestions are extremely damaging. Not just to GLBT people but to any children in their care. This goes beyond bigotry. His comments were wilfully cruel.

  11. Since only Ma and Pa can raise children properly, when does he propose the State remove children from broken homes? When Ma gets shipped off to Afghanistan? When a legal separation occurs or only on death (since divorce is a sin)? At what age does the State stop seizing children from broken homes? (Where is the State going to find Ma/Pa married couples to raise all these children at risk?)

    Or is he advocating multi-parent families? If Ma and Pa is good then Ma1/Ma2/Pa1/P2 must be twice as good, etc.!

    Are stupidity and cruelty inherited traits?

  12. On a lighter note, best tweet I’ve seen today;

    pysgodyn_piws: Many gay people have central heating & guard dogs.I think @DavidJonesMP is misinformed to suggest that such homes would not be “warm & safe”

    1. A few comments on the Guardian made me smile:

      15 February 2013 5:05pm
      it’s only a matter of time before david jones has tested positive for traces of horsesh1t.

      15 February 2013 5:26pm
      @hermionegingold – It’s only a matter of time before he’s caught with his pants down and has to announce his resignation to the press with his whey-faced wife standing silently beside him.
      At least if past experience of Tories attempting the take the moral high ground over the rest of us is anything to go on.

      15 February 2013 5:40pm
      @davidabsalom –
      tripping over the toilet duck in a public lavatory into a swarthy young man called “alfredo” is terribly common in tory circles so i’m told
      i blame the lack of health & safety legislation.

      – – – – –


  13. Go Chris Bryant!

    1. Go David Jones! – to the back-benches.

  14. His discriminatory hateful views are the views of the majority of Tories.
    They will always be the nasty party. He along with the hypocrite and three times married Roger Gale are actually doing us a favour as they are helping to destroy the Tories at the next election. They are a cancer within their own party, so let the cancer do its job.

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