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eHarmony founder: ‘Staff feared for their lives after we were ordered to put up a gay dating site’

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Reader comments

  1. “Been a painful way to live”… so he wants to try and “cure” it?
    Maybe he could put 10 million into a pot and encourage other companies to do the same and then use that money to educate people.

    It certainly says something when your staff “fear for their lives” because a religion is so angry that you support equality.

    However, I agree with him on one point. I too am tired of this fight for marriage equality. But there is no way I’m going to back down until I have it. SO really, if he’s so flipping tired, maybe he should support it.

    Nasty little man.

  2. I love how stopping people loving one another is so important to christians that they are willing to kill people for it. Wonder what Jesus would have to say about that.

    1. …. or Allah? Last time I checked it wasn’t just the christians that are hypocritical bigots on such matters.

      1. he said “the people were so hurt and angry with us were Christian people”. I mean I know some people on here like to bring Islam into *everything* but he was quite specific in which religion he was referring to there.

  3. Daniel Sellers 15 Feb 2013, 7:39pm

    So he’s happy to align himself with one of these murderous Christians? Christians must be bloody terrified! Not only is theirs a “vengeful God”, but their mates are hypocritical murderers who hate with every inch of their beings.

    Good on the gays who took him to court. Arsehole.

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 15 Feb 2013, 7:55pm

    He had to employ guards to protect his staff from retribution by ‘christians’? He means vile, vicious bigots. They’re no christians by any stretch of the imagination. This is the sort of thing C4M/CI, Christian Concern, Anglican Mainstream thrive on. This will be another weapon they’ll add to their arsenal to foment homophobia, intolerance and hatred of gay people under their collective religious umbrella.

  5. Jacqueline 15 Feb 2013, 8:17pm


    This whole thing is silly. I am a T in the LGBT. What I thinks is silly is that there is no doubt the eharmony staff are bigots but that is not what is silly.

    What is silly is feeling like they needed to make a version of their site that caters to gays. Honestly! Why should they? There are plenty of equality battles to fight but I dont see this one as worthwhile. You dont like a site, so be it…dont use it.

    Why force someone to spend time money and resources to cater to you? Obviously there may have beem a void in the marketplace true…but all you did was close it when a gay business owner could have fullfilled closed doors, you didnt open new ones.

    As for the other comments in the article about the owners opinions on gays…he is stupid and that is apparent. Why would a gay even want to use his website and give this piece of shit one red cent?

    BOTH sides on this argument should wake up.

    1. Jacqueline, I disagree with your view. This Christian “Dr. Warren” was offering a public service and by all accounts it was a very good one, successfully matching people with compatible partners. He had no right not to serve gay and lesbian customers. Anyway, he was forced to do so, to put his magnificent software at their disposal. The problem then arose because the heterosexual homophobes using his site simply couldn’t bear the thought that homosexual people were enjoying the same service. That’s bigotry, that’s homophobia.

      We need to perceive who is truly at fault in this particular case. It is not the customer. And it is not the provider – who complied and shared the service. No, those at fault are the customers who didn’t like the other customers who also wanted to sit where they liked on the bus.

      1. Spanner1960 16 Feb 2013, 1:46pm

        Sorry, that’s crap. That’s like asking Gaydar to do a straight version.
        It’s horses for courses. Or are you too old for an 18-30’s holiday or too young for a Saga one? Same thing. Let people cater for their sector of the community.

        1. and why shoudn’t gaydar do a straight version? How about holidays for those between 30 and whatever age you start to need the Saga services. Why should ANYONE be excluded from anything?

          1. Spanner1960 17 Feb 2013, 5:01pm

            Well why don’t you go into your local Barclays bank and ask for half a kilo of haddock and a tinned loaf?

            It’s called ‘specialisation’ you fucktard.

          2. Oh, dear! Spanner, you really do have problems with logic sometimes, although I’ve complimented you on another thread today.

            You don’t ask your bank teller to sell you a piece of haddock because banks don’t deal in fish. But you can ask them for all sorts of accounts, loans, and financial arrangements.

            Similarly a business that specialises in matching individuals for romantic relationships can provide packages for heterosexual men, for homosexual men, for heterosexual women, and homosexual women.

            This is really quite basic logic.

            Please pause and think before firing your guns.

    2. and thank-you for demonstrating one of the reasons why the “T” doesn’t belong in LGBT.

      1. Julian Morrison 16 Feb 2013, 2:03am

        Go to hell, transphobe.

      2. Mikey, Jacqueline has expressed just one view with which you and I and others disagree. Does that provide fair reason for your rejecting her and all those people who make up one particular grouping to which she belongs?

        Jacqueline belongs to other groupings too, you know. Jacqueline also holds many other views, on many other topics, with many of which you would no doubt be quick to agree.

        If I post message from which it is possible for readers to discern that I am, say, a Sri Lankan, would you instantly declare that all Sri Lankans should be rejected and avoided? No, you would wait to see what I had to say. And if I went on to say something you didn’t agree with, then would you have reasonable grounds for completely rejecting all Sri Lankans for ever and anon?

        You responded to a view you did not agree with with an impulsive and a primitive response.

    3. Julian Morrison 16 Feb 2013, 2:02am

      “Why force someone to spend time money and resources to cater to you?”

      Because economic discrimination is not just one guy, it’s all the guys. It’s “no dogs or Irish” signs, it’s places you can’t go and people who won’t serve you, which in aggregate add up to quite an effective blockade of equality.

      The anti-discrimination laws exist to rip this blockade down, over the protests of the bigots.

  6. So “staff had feared retribution from Christian opponents when they were forced to start a sister site for gay singles” !

    That’s not surprising. Fervent religious zealots have often fought to the death over the course of the last two thousands year, so deluded are they that there are gods and that those gods are on their side and that they MUST conquer those who do not hold with their delusions.

  7. My heart is bleeding

    1. Cant say I warmed to the guy in the slightest.

      Sounds to me like the guy is as committed to equality as the Westboro Baptist Church.

  8. Liam the God 15 Feb 2013, 9:24pm

    Ahh, good old “Xtian Morality”. “Our god is a god of peace and love and equality, and if you say different I’ll KICK YER F*CKIN HEAD IN!”. Where is the LOVE?

    1. They smile beatifically and say, “Where there is God, there is Love!”, whereas in fact the opposite is true: “Where there is belief in non-existent gods, there is much idiocy, prejudice, bigotry, and hatred”.

  9. Eharmony is possibly the worst site in the world – dating or otherwise. The only people who could possible be matched on there are society’s untouchables. Certainly, one of these is running the whole thing anyway.

  10. PeterinSydney 15 Feb 2013, 9:57pm

    The poor fellow fancy getting hate mail from the loving Christians. See how they love one another — unless you are gay then beware of your life.

  11. That There Other David 15 Feb 2013, 11:14pm

    A little taster for him of how they treat us.

    No point trying to “cure” us Dr. Warren. There’s nothing to cure except the animosity of people who can only hate in the name of religion.

    And I for one really hope someone does a really first class job of figuring that hatred out. At the very best, it’s a painful way for everyone to live, both for those that suffer it and those they inflict it upon.

  12. Tell you what “Dr” Warren why don’ t you do something really useful with $10 million and find a cure for religious bigotry and hatred?

  13. So many excuses to not cater for gay people… It’s so pathetic. They really are clutching at straws trying to find any way not to include gays are they? I’ve heard excuses on marriage equality for example, threatening that it would raise crime rates (lol?), that it would cost like £5,000,000 to legislate it in the U.K. (Nevermind the fact it would bring in £20,000,000+ if legalised). It’s all just ignorance and bigotry – it is nothing new to us gays. I sometimes wish 90% of the world were gay, perhaps eHarmony would finally grow some empathy then.

  14. douglas in canada 16 Feb 2013, 2:49am

    From what I’ve heard, divorce goes against religion’s “values”.

    Does eharmony prevent divorced persons from connecting? If not, then they are already damned in their own eyes.

    Why don’t the falsely-named christians go after eharmony for that infraction??

    f*cking hypocrites

    1. Dr Warren said that having to launch a sister site for gay people had been so unpopular with conservative Christians he had to take on extra security to protect eHarmony staff, who feared for their lives

      What kind of Christians are these that would threaten peoples lives- much more like satanists if you ask me

  15. Jock S. Trap 16 Feb 2013, 11:02am

    1. The man doesn’t deserve any business success with that kind of attitude.

    2. ‘angered Christians’, ‘feared retributions from Christian opponents’…. all great examples of the nastiness religion brings with it in a decent society.

    They are not compatible to a decent society if they wish to apart from it!

  16. I wonder how many of the marriages are now divorces? Be interesting to see this figure.

  17. Daniel Moreau 16 Feb 2013, 1:40pm

    so they felt threatend by the Christians? now they know how I feel…

  18. Nothing meaner than a pissed off Christian…lol.
    “At the very best, it’s been a painful way for a lot of people to have to live.”…What a very negative statement. It clearly shows his discomfort with homosexuality, which has to do with how he’s been socialized. Certainly, being gay can be challenging but most are just as happy as the rest of the world with same problems and issues.

  19. I personally don’t feel any pain being gay. *shrugs* Maybe this Doctor should just look at his “scripture” and realize that all the Bible is is a game of Telephone that has altered itself to fit the prejudices of the time that is rewriting it.

  20. Interesting to note – gay people simply took the legal route to parity in this business. The Christians sent hate mail and made threats. And yet this man is blaming gays for the problem, not the people using shameful and even illegal means to apply pressure.

  21. Billy Spilliard 16 Feb 2013, 5:00pm

    Seems like the. Christians are your problem Dr. Warren. Not the gays!

  22. So let me get this right — “Christians” are so angry that he had to comply with non-discrimination laws that they threaten him and his staff, and so it’s the fault of the gays.

    Uh, huh.

  23. Not surpised 16 Feb 2013, 5:33pm

    Soo, christians are willing to kill to prevent gay dating? Sounds….very christ-like.

  24. What an interesting claim. So you helped people with such psychological problems (religious fanaticism ) to match up with another person for a trusting relationship? Actually sounds quite risky to me.

  25. Curious that he had to hire security guards to protect his staff from Christians. I thought Christians did not resort to violence in order to make a point. Or am I missing something here?

  26. So is he trying to say that it’s “the gay’s” fault that he’s afraid he’ll be murdered by angry Christians? That’s a bit bass ackwards isn’t it?

    “In 2007 a discrimination lawsuit was filed by around 130 gay and lesbian plaintiffs from California who said they had been discriminated against by the site not offering same-sex services.”

    …how so? If I were to… make wedding dresses but only to make them up to size 12 that doesn’t mean I’m discriminating against people who are larger than a size 12 that just means I’m running my business like an idiot. Is there a law against idiocy?

    There probably should be.

    1. There definitely should be a law against idiocy. Terry Pratchett calls it the ‘Being Bloody Stupid Act’. I’m all for it.

  27. 50 years ago, and there would be no black american couples on that site either.

  28. So the fact that his staff feared for their lives from retaliation from people in their own religion because they were being made to undo something unlawful? And yet he still makes it sound like it’s the fault of gays and lesbians? The cognitive dissonance is strong in this one…

  29. And he’s a Clinical Psychologist? God someone please revoke his degree already!!!

  30. Christopher in Canada 17 Feb 2013, 4:46pm

    The latest thing over here in NA is a site called “Christian Mingle”, their tag line is “God may be asking you to look here for your mate” or words to that effect (I’m only paraphrasing).

    Will superstitious gays be allowed to place ads on that site soon?

  31. Kimiko Kotani 18 Feb 2013, 11:05am

    So he had to hire guards to prevent other so-called Christians attacking him and his staff? I think he needs to take a long considering look at just where his problems stem from- those who threaten violence are the ones responsible for their own actions.

  32. James Savik 18 Feb 2013, 6:46pm

    >>Clinical psychologist Dr Neil Clark Warren

    Just wondering how much damage he did as a psycho-terrorist… I mean the-rapist.

    I did note that it was religious nuts- not gay people that endangered his staff. Welcome to the party Mr. Warren. Please note that the difficulties we face are cause by jackasses like YOU.

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