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UK: LGBT community urged to consider adoption and fostering

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Reader comments

  1. Lukas yates 14 Feb 2013, 11:33am

    I’m looking forward to adopting.
    I just need to get MARRIED first.

    1. You don’t need to get married first. An adoption or fostering agency should view you no differently regardless of CP / marriage. They focus on how long you’ve been together and the stability of your relationship as the most important thing… which is right IMO.

      Plus you can adopt / foster as a single person.

  2. amazing isn’t it how many children are familyless because of incapable heteros – their inability or desire to bring them up can just become anyone elses problem – but hey it’s ok to have gays and lesbians take up the upbringing baton – all the bigotry vanishes when it come to clearing up the mess of breeders – hypercritical pressure not wanted.

    1. Heteros? Breeders? Presumably you don’t like it when they call us homos, poofs, benders and whatnot. Don’t use such intemperate language, otherwise, you’re no better than they are. Haven’t you ever heard of the Golden Rule? Or are you just another one of the liberal bigots (look the word up) that infest these pages?

  3. Why on earth would we want to do that? After all, we’re just perverts and rapists, why would we want to be taking in straight people’s babies?

    Maybe if we can marry our partners we might start thinking about having a proper and stable family.

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