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UK: Equality and Human Rights Commission says same-sex marriage bill poses no threat to religious opponents

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Reader comments

  1. Yet again, we have to listen to members of a minority-interest hobby group whinging on about their freedoms being restricted. What about the restrictions religion has had on the freedom of the individual for centuries simply because they are part of ‘the establishment’. The only way to stop all this nonsense is for there to be a complete separation of church and state. That way, there would be no blurred lines about the rights of religion over human rights.

  2. Phew, that’s great news…

    I can rest easy now knowing that the ongoing bigotry and discrimination widely practiced by religions has been sufficiently protected in law.

    What a shame that the rights of the many victims of world-wide church abuse haven’t been afforded the same legal guarantees…

  3. Peter & Michael 14 Feb 2013, 7:50pm

    Good ! we finished with the church a long time ago, especially as one of our neighbours sent a a vicar to our house stating that she was against two males living together. We told the vicar that we were not religious and wanted to live our lives together in peace, she stated that homosexuality was against the christian faith, we told her that if she could not accept us for what we were, it was no-one else’s business. We live within the bishop Chester diocese.

    1. Some chester clergy support gay marriage shame yours does not

  4. I think many of the homophobes who oppose gay marriage citing concerns about potentially being compelled to conduct gay marriages are chatting bull faeces. They just don’t want gay people to have equal marriage rights. That’s it. They know, however, that simply saying we just don’t want gay people to have equal marriage rights is unlikely to attract as much support, so they have come up with arguments that seem more reasonable to appeal to the public.

  5. Marcwebbo3 14 Feb 2013, 8:15pm

    I will sleep easier in my bed tonight knowing that,,,,

  6. Robert in S. Kensington 14 Feb 2013, 8:30pm

    That the CoE’s lawyer praised the bill for its air-tight protections and safeguards, the likes of Burrowes et al continue to remain uconvinced and he thinks he’s not homophobic. That’s what the no vote was all about religion based homophobia and kow-towing to religious constituents above all others.

    That said, the American state of Illinois just passed equal marriage bill 34-21, now it heads to the House.

  7. GulliverUK 14 Feb 2013, 9:02pm

    I’ve uploaded a copy of all the videos to YouTube here;

    HRC, Liberty, etc, in today’s afternoon session pt 1.

    The original locations are in the description so you can watch them here;
    use keyword “Same Sex Marriage”, select only committee and dates between 12.02.2013 adn 14.02.2013

  8. Jock S. Trap 15 Feb 2013, 11:00am

    Right well you’d think this would finally settle the religious argument but alas I bet it doesn’t, proving it’s not the legality religion wants just an outright ban on anyone but themselves being married.

    It shows blatant discrimination on behalf of religion and those religious folk opposed need to stand up and make a noise to be counted.

    I think the EHRC have made the position clear and really I don’t see any further need to delay this legislation.

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