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Homophobic bullying study results suggest: ‘It does get better — but not by enough’

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Reader comments

  1. It’s not enough to tell a bullied child or teen that it gets better. That’s scant consolation when their life’s being made hell at school. The schoolyard (and outside) bullying should be sorted out and not just implicitly accepted as something that happens.

    Bullying will never be totally stopped, but if it’s dealt with properly it can be reduced, and education about LGBT people can help reduce homophobic bullying too. No child shouls have to wait till things naturally improve as they get older.

  2. I would tell kids the only person you shood come out to is yourself. Wait until you have a secure home and secure job before you tell anyone else. My mistake was to trust people who I thought were close to me and it nearly cost me everything.

    And nice one for accepting ads from tobacco companies!

    1. STOP telling kids that! Bad advice. Sorry you had such terrible experiences. Your “mistake” was in who you told. As challenging as it can be, being a good judge of character and choosing friends wisely, as well as a good support system is what kids need to be able to express their authentic self with a caring, supportive group of souls.

  3. Jan Bridget 14 Feb 2013, 2:22pm

    The findings are published in Pediatrics, February 4th 2013. The researchers conclude, “The findings suggest that addressing LGB victimization during adolescence is critical to reducing LGB-heterosexual emotional distress disparities but additional support may be necessary to fully eliminate these disparities.”

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