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Canada: Liberal party leader defends charity work by government-funded Christian groups

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Reader comments

  1. You can’t be a humanitarian and a hater!

    Mr Rae stated,

    “They do tremendous humanitarian work. The monies that are raised by those communities and spent in those communities in the poorest of conditions, in the most difficult conditions around the world, are a reflection of their faith and of their love for their fellow human beings,” reports CBC.

    Sorry Mr. Rae, but if they are “a reflection of their faith and of their love for their fellow human beings” They wouldn’t be HATERS which they are!

    They may do commendable aid work, but if the message of faith that comes with it conveys intolerant hate of their fellow man (especially in a country like Uganda) it’s not humanitarian aid!

    People who quote scriptures like the CCC need to be reminded

    “thou shalt not kill” (that’s humanitarian)

  2. I sent this email to both Bob Rae and the central email for the Canadian Liberal party:
    “Mr. Rae,

    I am now, and always have been a Liberal supporter.
    However, your recent defence of groups such as CCC (Crossroads Christian Communications) and the supposed humanitarian work they do abroad is inexcusable.

    Hatred and bigotry couched in “good deeds” remains hatred and bigotry.

    Crossroads Christian Communications may do “good work” in some fields, however, they remain an anti-gay hate group which uses its contacts and its money to promote hatred against LGBT people throughout the world.

    They err grotesquely when they themselves attempt to defend their bigoted actions and hateful words by saying it is “informed by their Christian beliefs”.
    Hatred and intolerance are not, and never were, “Christian beliefs”.


    1. (continuation)
      For you to allign yourself with them, defending them by praising their “good deeds” while ignoring the hatred and bigotry that they spread throughout the world, particularly in vulnerable 3rd world countries, and doing so with Canadian tax payer moneys no less, places you, Mr. Rae, in the same camp as them.
      Are we now to understand that you are a supporter of anti-gay hate groups?
      If so, then it is a good thing that your temporary term as leader of the Liberal party is coming to an end, as you bring tremendous shame and dishonour to the Liberal brand.

      I sign this letter

      disgusted by someone I used to look up to

  3. DJ Wynyard 14 Feb 2013, 3:59am

    I am sure we are all delighted to hear that the interim leader of Canada’s Liberal Party, Bob Rae, said that Benito Mussolini did great work across the world and made the trains run on time.

  4. Time Canada had a decent Government!

    1. well, first of all, Bob Rae isn’t “the government”. he’s the interim leader of the opposition while they select a new party leader. basically, other than being an elected member of parliament, he’s nobody. He will never be prime minister (interim leaders are forbidden, by party rules, from running for official leadership of the party).

  5. “Crossroads’ views on sexuality are informed by our Christian faith and values.”

    Not much “information” there then. No facts just bigotry.

    Values that are worth nothing.

    Faith in nothing.

    Charity with an agenda is not charity. Charity is unconditional.

  6. The Nazis did good work too depending on who you lisen too.

    I have wrote and expressed my disappointment.

  7. These people have a very weird idea of “charity.” Charity requires using your own resources to help others. These “faith-based” groups want the government to use its resources to fund their “good works.” That is not charity. That is using tax-payer money to subsidize evangelicism.

  8. WOW!. This guy (Bob Rae) actually was elected as MP for the Toronto seat of Rosedale Centre – Where the Church and Wellesley Village is located. I CAN NOT believe he is now turning against the gay community. Utterly shocking!

  9. Bob Rae is a staunch, consistent, and long-time ally of gay equality, just so that’s clear (and I don’t even vote for his party so I have no agenda). His life-long equality and social justice credentials are beyond question.

    There are an enormous number of religious charities doing good works in tough situations. That’s all he’s saying.

    Don’t attack an ally just because you haven’t bothered to understand where he’s coming from.

    1. you cannot defend the “good work” of someone who is also involved in “bad work”.

      The Nazis built roads and improved Germany’s infrastructures during their rule. Does that excuse the abominations they committed?

      These “christian” organizations are using government money, that is “tax payer money”, to do their “charitable work”, AND to promote their religious agendas.

      If promotion of their religious agendas was not part of their program then they would not need to identify as “christian”, would they.

      I don’t want MY tax dollars subsidizing a supposedly christian group’s proselytizing in other countries. If they want to “donate”, let them donate their OWN money, not my tax dollars. And if they want to “donate” while preaching their hateful beliefs, I CERTAINLY do not want them using MY tax dollars.

      Bob Rae put his foot in his mouth by defending these groups.

  10. Bob Rae has a long anti-gay history, dating back to when he was the Premiere of Ontario.

    He lead the vote against LGBT work place discrimination, succeeding in stopping anti-discrimination laws in Ontario. Bob Rae has now turned against the Gay Community again.

    The liberal party should fire him immediately. Once exposed an oversight, twice exposed a revelation of true character.

  11. Janet Lameck 14 Feb 2013, 6:08pm

    Don’t listen to anything Bob Rae says. He is a turncoat of the highest order. He was NDP Premier of Ontario and left our province in shambles. He’d back the Devil if he could earn brownie points for it. There should be an absolute separation of Church and State. And that INCLUDES so called Christian charities!

  12. Naomi Miville 14 Feb 2013, 6:21pm

    STOP USING MY TAX $$$ for Religious INstitutions to use as an avenue to indoctrinate the poor. “Taxpayers’ money should not be used to finance religious groups working abroad, who furthermore contribute to the creation of discriminatory, even inhumane and dangerous, policy.” I am appalled that my Tax dollars without my permission, are used for any private riglious organization, I don’t care how much charity they do, it is INAPPROPRIATE and I for one will be VOTING AGAINST IT. I want all Tax exemptions to be revoked from the pulic tax system that support these faith based institutes of bigatry. I want to see also that my Tax dollars are not supporting Christian schools either, private is just that, pay your own taxes and stop using part of mine to train future voters to be bigots.

  13. A new Liberal Party strategy? A vote grab from the Conservatives religious voter base? The Liberals are not trying to beat Stephen Harper, they are trying to become him.

    The Liberals lost the center and left voters to the NDP, so they are re-creating their party on the political right, starting with a small gift to religious Conservatives voters. If this was a mistake by Rae, he would have issued a correctional statement by now.

    This is the new, pre-planned Liberal Party strategy.

  14. Mr.Bob Rae, I am furious that this Crossroads Christian Communications is receiving some of my Tax Dollars!! I am not…in support of these faith based institutions that do good works, with an agenda, the help offered comes with the obligation of you being taught a belief system theirs. This is an ideology I find offensive. If they are so loving and their intention is giving aid, then let them do it without their bible teachings,that is if they want the tax dollars of all Canadians. Otherwise I oppose this subsidy to any and all CCC groups and affiliates. Niy

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