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Thailand: Public hearings on civil unions begin

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Reader comments

  1. Dan Filson 13 Feb 2013, 7:16pm

    “There is nothing so strong as an idea whose time has come”

  2. Thailand has a reputation for tolerance and kindness.

    I hope those virtues will motivate them to
    open their hearts to gay people in Thailand.

    1. I”ve lived here for 15 years. Tolerance and kindness towards gays – i don’t think so.Ridicule, more like.
      It’s about time gay rights were made an issue here. Don’t hold your breath though!

  3. Asia is so backward in regard to social justice issues!

  4. GingerlyColors 14 Feb 2013, 6:16pm

    I believe that it will only be a matter of time before a South-East Asian country introduces civil unions or better still, marriage equality for gays. Thailand and Vietnam are the front runners. A number of SE Asian countries are known for their tolerance but tradition will hold them back.

  5. The public face of Thailand, that of the land of smiles is a sham or rather it is us ‘westerners’ who poorly understand, Thais and Thai society. Whilst it is known for its fleshpots and seemingly permissive attitudes, this is far from the reality for most Thais. Thailand is in many ways a conservative society. Holding hands with a partner in public is okay but anything more would frowned upon whether you are straight or gay. I have been surprised at the apparent tolerance and acceptance I have seen and experienced when with partners in rural Thailand. Don’t let it fool you though, largely they are being polite and maintaining ‘Jai Yen’ ( cool heart (calm)). They may well be thinking ‘poor guy what do he do wrong in his last life to come back gay’

    The attitude of Thais to sex and sexuality is very complex with lots of unwritten rules that we westerners find very difficult to understand.

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