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Russia: Coach blames demise of Olympic wrestling on gay conspiracy

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Reader comments

  1. Well he’s an idiot then.

    Oh and given how ridiculously homoerotic wrestling is, I’d have thought a gay run Olympic committee would be all for it.

  2. Haha – what on earth is he on about? When i heard they were dropping wrestling, my first response – no word of a lie – was ‘oh no!’ (or words to that effect…)

    Young men in lycra grappling with each other? If the IOC is genuinely run by a gay mafia, they would keep diving, wrestling and swimming and drop everything else, frankly.

    1. Don’t forget figure skating. :)

    2. Give me rugby any day, especially now they’ve started wearing tight shirts. All those muscular arms and thighs. Mmmm….

    3. synchronised swimming and ribbon twirling can stay.

      1. If gay men love wrestling so much, why don’t they go out if their way to watch it? Why is wrestling in such bad shape? Because so few watch it. And why is that? Because when the best wrestle, it is brutal, it is a fight. The more brutal it becomes, the less sexual it becomes, the more repugnant it becomes to the common intimidated desk-jobber.

        Most people in our culture, straight or gay, don’t like to watch fights, the rise in MMA aside. Male aggression and physical expression through contact sports is on the decline because modern culture finds it violent.

        So, IMHO this coach is off-base. It has nothing to do with gay activism, but due to the blatant violence of the sport.

    4. Don’t forget its “masculine origins”; i.e., it started out as naked guys covered in oil.

  3. Does this moron not realize that there are few sports gay men like to watch more than wrestling???

    1. He is close it is the anti-gay Christian majority not the minority who are behind stopping anything having to do with two men touching in public. They do not want the children to see that kind of thing.

  4. Michael Barber 13 Feb 2013, 3:25pm


    1. my sentiments exactly.

  5. The Olympics should return to a simpler time, when it was done all nude. The way the ancient Greeks meant it to be.

    1. why didn’t I think of that… :D

    2. I support the idea of making a petition to present to the IOC for that Keith.

    3. Where can I sign?

    4. Hey, if they want to increase the tv ratings, hot men wrestling nude would do it. I know it’s always done it for me ;-)

      1. I don’t find any of those blubbery, overblown wrestlers that hot. However, I understand that many do.

  6. Well I can only agree with the other comments. What a knobhead this man is, what could be more homoerotic than seeing scantily dressed men in lycra grappling with each other. Any gay man would never want to ban that.

  7. Nothing says “rational” quite like babbling about the end of the world.

  8. I agree with John lol bring on the wrestling

  9. Even wrestlers would admit how gay the sport is. They spent half the time on the mat with their heads in each others crotch.

  10. is there possibly a gayer sport…

    1. figure skating.

      just saying.

      I love it it.. but still… gay.

      1. Figure skating is no where near as gay as a man having another mans crotch in his face.

      2. Robert White 14 Feb 2013, 12:25am

        Figure Skating is not a sport.

        To be a sport, as opposed to a skilled activity, someone’s activity must be actively oppoesed by another. Golf: not a sport. Curling: _is_ a sport because the opposing sweepers may try to spoil a stone’s placement once it is past the center line. Track events shoter than the 440 are not a sport, longer races are (in longer races the lane boundaries are not held so jockying for position is oppositional). Oddly enough, NASCAR is a sport while drag racing is not.

        IMHO of course.

    2. When, in Turkey they have oil wrestling. It’s still not the glory that would be naked wrestling, but is already something.

  11. Another rambling, mentally-disturbed homophobe in need of urgent treatment …..

  12. what an idiot…gays have always thought of olympic wrestling as highly homo-erotic…bring it on…

  13. OH YESSSSS PLEASEEEE let’s bring back wrestling and this time more improved with men wearing just bikinis and even better mankinis…slurp!!! LMAO!!!

    1. Clothing is for wussies. Real men wear nothing to get in contact with their fellow men.

  14. Mwah hah hah hah! Yes! Puny heterosexuals, shiver in fear for we,the mighty homosexuals control the Universe and will destroy all heterosexual forms of pleasure. (strokes white fluffy cat[erpillar]. Really – does this guy not realise that the only thing that would make wresting MORE homoerotic would be if they oiled each other up and had an array of rubber dildos to hand. If we had any power there would be swimming, aforementioned oily-sex toy wresting and – well, that’s covers it really.

    1. Too late, Turks already have that, oil wrestling with olive oil, or as they call, yağlı güreş. Apparently it is Turkey’s national sport, except they don’t use dildos. At least not in modern days. Who know what the ancient Greeks who lived in the area that today is Turkey did.

  15. Katie kool-eyes 13 Feb 2013, 4:29pm

    EEK! He knows the master plan…..DEPLOY THE ROBOTS!!!

  16. Mentally insane people allowed to roam free on the streets.

    1. Christopher Hobe Morrison 14 Feb 2013, 12:49am

      Mentally insane? As opposed to….?

      1. physically insane like the ass people on South Park?

  17. nice picture :)

    1. Couldn’t agree more :)

  18. I’ve never seen any other sport than wresting in gay porn – and water sports – but that not an olympic sport either ;)

  19. Just a thought, but watching a couple of guys in Lycra rolling around on the floor together would totally be supported by the gay community.

  20. ...Paddyswurds 13 Feb 2013, 7:19pm

    Well when you consider that he is Russian one of the most inbred countries on the Planet. The closed era of the USSR really phucked with Russians heads and genetic diversity and the results are only now starting to show. All the countries that came under the umbrella of the USSR are really basket cases. Georgia still has a commemorative Museum dedicated to Stalin ffs…nuff said.

  21. Very appropriate pic.

    What ARE those hunky bears doing to one another?!

    Curious to see what happens next.

    You Tube clip, anyone?

  22. I love how he insinuates that dropping wrestling from the Olympics will mean that the human race dies out… Yes because straight men will lose the drive to procreate when they can no longer watch men get to second base under the guise of sport. I think not.

  23. We’re right behind you, Mr Uruimagov! :-)

    1. Especially if you are wearing tight wrestling gear…

  24. This has given me the best laugh all day!

  25. Dear Mr. Uruigamov. if gays ran the world, wrestling would never be banned. You should very much support us.

  26. Crackpot.

  27. Am I the only one who doesn’t see anything remotely erotic in wrestling?

    Wrestling is all about overpowering and pinning down an opponent as far as I can see. Sex, on the other hand, is about collaborative mutual enjoyment with a partner. A combination of the two seems unpleasantly close to rape…

    1. different folks different strokes

      sex is about whatever two (or more) consenting adults want it to be about isn’t it?

    2. Oh, I don’t know. I can certainly see why the overpowering and giving in can be quite erotic. After all, both participants must consent to fighting each other: knowing that one of them will win.

      1. under a gay run world it would never be banned, hell bring it in as mandatory like a national service :P

  28. Christopher Hobe Morrison 14 Feb 2013, 12:46am

    How about gays, Jews, and Freemasons? Or more likely incompetent coaches.

    1. He is a competent coach with two gold medalists to his name, but no training in public perception and speech, obviously.

  29. Robert (Kettering) 14 Feb 2013, 12:30pm

    One of the most homoerotic wrestling to watch is the Turkish one with those leather shorts, lots of oil and endless hands down opponents pants gropping away. I tell you I get “excited” just lokking at them. Really fit, hairy guys!

    1. Huuummm….I always say, olive oil goes with everything.

  30. Jock S. Trap 14 Feb 2013, 3:42pm

    They just get more and more laughable!!

    Seriously? What an idiot!

  31. What an incredibly stupid jerk. If there is one sport gays LOVE, it’s wrestling. Why would you blame the 1 one fans? Now American football, that’s another story. I’ld get rid of that in 2 seconds.

    1. American Football is not in the Olympics though.

  32. Idiot!! We really are given way too much credit, lol.

  33. Hey, we’ve been blamed for the weather and earthquakes, why not the demise of a sport invented by Greeks, the archetypical proponents of gay sex? LOL!

  34. Sana Humzy 16 Feb 2013, 2:21am

    Stop this nonsense. Sports of all sorts , is part of our human culture. When we hand the decision to a PARANOID scissors , to start cutting at main stream sport events , it makes me wonder , what’s next , and , next……

  35. sana Humzy 16 Feb 2013, 2:30am

    Stop this nonsense. Sport is a part of the human culture. If we hand the power , to a PARANOID scissor , to start cutting , at main stream sports events , it leaves me wondering , what next and next ……

  36. Ai ai….News like this make my day. I wish all the homophobes were as much fun and hilarious as this one, we would never cease to laugh.

  37. the gays i know loved the wrestling, the diving, the swimming, the gymnastics …

  38. First off, the idea that gays would want to ban wrestling is hilarious. The guy’s a loon.

    And the “need to continue the human race”? Nearing 7 billion people in the world and he thinks that’s an issue?

  39. Just another numbbrain trying to cash in on the new buzzword in Russian politics – blame those dirty homosexuals for everything. His career must be on the wane.

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