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Daniel Radcliffe: Playing gay is the same as straight because falling in love is all the same

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Reader comments

  1. Michael Walsh 13 Feb 2013, 5:26pm

    It’s about time somebody made this most basic and obvious of statements. Kudos, Daniel.

  2. Kind of disappointing he’s putting his face to Allen Ginsberg though… I mean, come on! We don’t need any more fuel to the “gays are paedos” fire…

    1. Good grief, the man is 23 years old (and a lot better-looking than Allen Ginsberg ever was)!

    2. I don’t get your comment? Sounds like the kind of thing you’d find on an ‘American Protect the Family I Hate Gays’ website.

      1. Allen Ginsberg supported NAMBLA… You know, the organisation that wants to get rid of the age of consent because adults loving kids is apparently totally normal and should be embraced.

        Personally I don’t think it’s great to be putting the face of someone so famous, to the face of a gay man who supported having sex with kids.

        1. Ew. OK, I see your point. But Daniel Radcliffe’s fame, when it comes to depicting Ginsberg, is irrelevant: either you believe Ginsberg was a criminal by our standards ( a category which’d include many other famous figures from history) and shouldn’t be represented cinematically at all, or Ginsberg as a historical figure should be represented warts and all. Radcliffe, as an actor, can accept the position if he chooses, his personal renown should not be seen as an endorsement (or not).

  3. It’s dead simple, Daniel. The press is full of homophobes who think that a straight actor must find it alien and distasteful to play a gay character.
    In similar vein, I was constantly asked, as a working-class Geordie drama student, what it was like to play a Chinese factory worker in Brecht’s The Good Person of Sechuan. Except I wasn’t asked at all, of course.

  4. Christopher Hobe Morrison 13 Feb 2013, 6:32pm

    He’s good, and he will be there for a long time playing all sorts of different characters (hopefully) of all sexual orientations, and answering incredibly stupid questions from incredibly stupid journalists.

  5. Thank you, Daniel. You are providing a very valuable role-model to millions of young people. And, possibly, a few oldies might take notice of your opinions too!

  6. I hope someday that the terms “gay” “straight” “bi” become redundant and that society is mature enough to recognise that there is just human sexuality. Even those who say that sexuality is a “choice” must acknowledge that no one chooses who they fall in love with. Life would be much easier if that choice was available.

    1. floridahank 13 Feb 2013, 11:07pm

      Hey Ray, you said, “that no one chooses who they fall in love with.” then why do people fall in and fall out of love so easily? Why doesn’t Daniel fall in love with a male if he thinks there is “no difference” in the way gay and straight people fall in love. I don’t think he has any idea what love is about.

      1. Do you choose who you fall in love with? Do you say ‘ah yes, this person is perfect me, I will fall in love with them!’? No, of course not. Similarly, do people say ‘ah, so and so just broke up with me , I will now choose to fall out of love with them. That was easy! Now I’m absolutely fine!’. No.

        Daniel doesn’t fall in love with a male, even if the love is the same, because he’s not gay. He’s not sexually or romantically attracted to men.

        Awful attempt at an argument here.

      2. That’s like saying why doesn’t he fall in love with a blonde if he had happened to fall in love with a brunette? It’s not unknown for people to fall in love with people of either sex during a lifetime? And I don’t believe that people fall in or out of love so easily. They may fancy a number of people during their lives but really falling in love is much less frequent.

        1. PS. I fell in love decades ago and still feel strongly about the same person, more than I ever have about anyone else. It’s just not reciprocated. Falling in love in this way isn’t what I would have chosen if I had had a say in the matter. This can happen to anyone irrespective of sexuality.

      3. “Why doesn’t Daniel fall in love with a male if he thinks there is “no difference” in the way gay and straight people fall in love.”

        I think you’ve completely misunderstood what he’s saying, Hank. He’s saying that although he himself isn’t gay he can easily imagine what it must be like for a gay person to fall in love because the feelings are just the same and the only difference is the gender of the person they fall in love with.

        It’s called empathy.

        1. floridahank 15 Feb 2013, 6:26pm

          Hey Iris, hope you’re doing well. Nice to hear from you.
          Just to put some activity into the topic, I believe that with mankind, there is a confusion between love and sexual drive. It’s especially more pronounced these days with the constantly changing behaviors of people and their mores. Years ago there was not this great option of being around the opposite sex, getting greater familiarity without it being judged negatively. Today’s sexual openness is totally different than the turn of the century, and people are more superficial in their relationships with the opposite sex. Love and sex are intermingled where there’s much confusion as to what is love and what is sex. Plus pressures exerted by group influence so it’s not that difficult for me to see that at an early stage, many youngsters can be influenced into dabbling with same-sex relationships, which could lead to further confusion as to what the person truly is — hetero, or homo. I think the APA is unaware of this problem.

  7. YES-falling in love with another guy IS the same–

    The heartbreaking part is that the majority of guys are straight and therefore cannot reciprocate-as they don’t feel the same attraction as you do.

    Its that much HARDER for a gay person to find a lover.

    Those that do are so lucky!

  8. Daniel is amazing. Never puts a foot wrong. Love him.

  9. Harry potter sucks !! Im so over him.

    1. You might not have noticed, but the man in question is an actor called Daniel Radcliffe, not a fictional character called Harry Potter.

    2. That;’s great Adrian. Attack one of the only actors in HOllywood who really speaks up and supports us. Well done.

  10. Daniel R get’s it! There are so many straight folks out there that believe LGBT people experience life and love differently. That is possibly (other than religion) the basis of a lot of homophobia and prejudice we see in people.

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