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US: Basketball player Kobe Bryant chastises Twitter fan for using ‘gay’ as an insult

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Reader comments

  1. Christopher 12 Feb 2013, 4:13am

    Ugh! Glad he’s coming around, I wonder what his view on rape are… #foodforthought.

  2. A good sign that people can change.

  3. Until the world accepts that the ‘driver’ of homophobia is inner-fear of ones own same-sex attraction, I’m afraid homophobia will continue. People who fear that may be gay will ‘project’ that fear outwards to convince others – but more importantly, themselves – that they are not gay. So, if we want to combat homophobia, we must confront the homophobe with: “Someone who is secure in their sexuality does not make homophobic remarks”. They’d be foolish to continue if they know WE know WHY they are homophobic.

    1. Those people need self awareness. It will take an illness or something like a stroke before people like that get a “wake up call”.

    2. There is, however, also the more overtly tribal habit of using a term that describes a group that’s looked down on as a general slur – “you peasant” wasn’t necessarily used only by fanatical social elitists, any more than “moron” or “cretin” (once technical terms) were only used by eugenicists.

  4. Good for Bryant, I think it’s admirable he can be honest about having used disparaging terms himself and having learnt better since.

  5. See, it doesn’t take a PhD or anything to say, this isn’t cool. I’m no sports fan, but anyone can step up and speak against slurs, be they homophobic, racist, sexist, etc. How simple an act to stop it in its tracks, and yet what a ripple effect it can have (and, mind you, I’m no pollyanna).

  6. Yay Kobe. Im happy hes learned from his past mistake and has become a better guy because of it.

    Shame the lakers are letting him down this season =(

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