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Topless feminists celebrate the resignation of Pope Bendict XVI in Notre Dame

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Reader comments

  1. can’t believe the next one will be any better

  2. Pavlos Prince of Greece 12 Feb 2013, 2:59pm

    Bravo, bene!

  3. I love women who celebrate the female form. Why we as a society see tits as more sexual than pecks is beyond me.

    ..And the fact she’s doing this in church makes it doubly as brilliant!

    1. Darren Theoret 12 Feb 2013, 3:53pm

      I personally think pecs are sexier than boobs :)

  4. Well done!

  5. Nixi Otemba Bongers 12 Feb 2013, 4:15pm

    love the Femen women, now se how Facebook reacts on the shower of nudity

  6. Christopher in Canada 12 Feb 2013, 4:37pm

    Oh, that Christopher Hitchens were alive to comment!!

  7. Don Harrison 12 Feb 2013, 5:21pm

    Sadly we have no idea what type of Pope with replace it. The things we know for sure is it will not be a out priest of woman

  8. These women are the Emmeline Pankhursts of the European LGBT movement!

    Bravo! We should take them as an inspiration and do likewise, all of us!

    Let the media hear that all over the UK there are “No More Pope! Parties”.

  9. Mitch the Redneck American 12 Feb 2013, 11:29pm

    Gee, if it’s so empowering or her to bare her breasts, why do her nipples appear airbrushed? And if this is a courageous stand, why did they pick a place where people are unlikely to resist?

    I think it’s juvenile, I also think it’s an excuse to act out and indulge in anger and exhibitionism.

    Really, if one doesn’t like Catholic teaching, then don’t be Catholic. This is nothing more than religious bigotry posing as social activism

    1. I think you will find the Catholic Church wrote the book on how to be a religious bigot…or is European history not part of the school curriculum in America ?…see Spanish Inquisition!

  10. Eilif Verney-Elliott 13 Feb 2013, 12:57am

    Good work! Solidarity with the demonstrators from here!

  11. I’m gonna get hated for this: I disagree with this. The passer by was right, Notre Dame is a sacred place, it’s not ok to do that there. And, it’s disrespectful to the church, which isnt just made up of homophobes and bigots. Like i said, i know i’m gonna get hated for this, but in my opinion, this was completely disrespectful, and over the line xx

    1. A sacred place?

      Anywhere where 3 or more people gather in prayer is a sacred place. I think it is awesome that these women did this. Anything that is apparently so sacrosanct that it cannot be mocked is dangerous.

      These women remind me of Act Up!

      Good for them for not being all proper and stuff.

      It’s time the sentiments of frou frou religious people were shaken up and they realise that their apparently sacred places are just places.

      I am catholic, I am in no way disrespected, hurt, offended or otherwise bothered by this action. I encourage it. Down with the false idea that a so called holy place is not just a place after all…

      1. Fair enough, and i can see your point. I just cant agree with what they did. If people who aren’t bigots were offended (ones that were in there i mean) then it’s not really fair. (btw, thanks for arguing without using insults, or just calling me a homophobe. It’s nice to know at least one person can disagree without throwing insults everywhere :) ) xx

    2. I would not be so worried of others hating you, you need to get over your self hatred and misogynistic, homophobic support of the catholic mafia business.

      1. 1. I am not a self hatred? I’ve been through that, i got over it
        2. Homophobic? I’m a lesbian with a girlfriend who is also a lesbian. I regularly partake in youth groups for gay teens and acceptance, and i do what i can to make sure people dont have to worry about coming out
        3. I support anyone who is tolerant. I believe you shouldnt judge what a person believes, but judge who they are as a person. I know many christians, one of which is a gay priest, who are all accepting, and very much open about homosexuality and issues surrounding it. Dont judge me unless you know me, i’m simply stating an opinion. Dont put forward a flawed argument, because it wont work on me (and yes, you commited a major flaw: Attacking the arguer, and Poisoning the Well) xx

  12. These women are inspiring and wonderful role models. Please set up a training centre in the uk.

  13. I will pray for them.

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