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Michael Gove seeks to reassure Tory equal marriage critics in front of committee

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Reader comments

  1. He’s hard to like for so many reasons, but I have to admit these answers were good!

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 12 Feb 2013, 8:18pm

    He stood his ground, I admire him for not conceding anything to bigot Loughton not that it will convince him. Bigots rarely ever change when religion is in the mix which is where all of the opposition is coming from. His own wife doesn’t even agree with him.

  3. Go Michael! Hopefully, the next Tory leader!

  4. I wonder if he would support a teacher who said that non-white people were inferior to white, or women inferior to men – because of “religious” belief, of course? Would that teacher’s job be protected? Would we be at all concerned about how children who weren’t white and male would feel in such a class if the teacherexplained “their positin” on this? If not, why should it be any different for gay people?

  5. No such reassurance for gay teachers in Catholic (state) schools though.

  6. Bill Cameron 12 Feb 2013, 11:19pm

    What a relief to have a proper Education Secretary who seeks to foster excellence in teaching and declines to be intimidated by the ‘lefties’ and their fellow-travellers who have destroyed educational values over the past 30+ years or the dinosaurs in his own Party who seek to delay social reform. Stay the course Michael – you are doing a good job.

    1. midnighter 13 Feb 2013, 1:44pm

      Are you kidding? While this is a pleasing turn of events it doesn’t alter the fact that the man is one of the worst education secretaries since the days of Thatcher. He doesn’t listen, thinks he has all the answers and seeks to impose them on a profession with no regard for the expert opinion and direct experiences of those at the chalk face. He makes me very glad I am out of the profession.

  7. Well done Mr Gove for slapping that idiot Loughton down. Long may he live on the bank benches till he skulks away from politics.

  8. What reassurances? there is non that can be made, what is law is what is to be taught! Christians are told to obey the law of the land ( apart from laws that asks them to kill etc law that tell them to break the Law of Christ) so what is all this crap that he is spewing out. No Teach you preach what is lawful in the land that you are in is the right response and whilst you are at it go back to english class and find out the meaning of marriage.
    Like the word intercourse some people only have a one track mind understanding of it when it can ofcourse be applied in many ways. :) sexual intercourse is NOT the only intercourse you can have and hetero sexual marriage is not the only one that there is – even the bible states the marriage of the Lamb ( Jesus) and His Bride( The church which consists of male , female straight and gay member )

  9. “Reassure”?
    A teacher’s role is to teach their students facts and figures, and such, impartially.
    Not to spout their personal views on said subject.
    If they can’t handle that simple task. Then they should seek employment elsewhere.
    I don’t want my child becoming a drone. I want him/her to be taught how to think for themselves.

  10. Let me also ask if Mr Grove feels the same about equality for women. And ethnic minority protections?
    Of course, most people wouldn’t stand for a teacher stating that his personal opinion is that women shouldn’t have the right to vote.
    It’s unfortunate that it’s considered reasonable for them to express their personal views on equal marriages.

  11. Michael Gove (The duck-faced twatypus), like a stopped clock, is right on rare occasions

    1. midnighter 13 Feb 2013, 1:45pm

      Well said :P

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