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Canada: Minister defends funding decision for anti-gay group

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Reader comments

  1. Mike Campeau 12 Feb 2013, 2:39am

    And Julian Fantino was the Police Chief in London, Ontario when they entrapped gay men and in a paedophile witch-hunt! One of the teenager’s mothers said Fantino would not let her son go until he named names! It all turned out to be false. If he says this is all a “mistake” it is BS!

  2. So, in defending this, the Minister, and by representation, the entire Federal Government of Canada, place themselves in a bit of a hypocritical pickle jar, yet again. Someone needs to resign here and a firm stand be made. No Conservative flip-flopping.

    1. “no Conservative flip-flopping”, sorry, but that’s like, an oxymoron.
      they wouldn’t BE conservatives if they didn’t flip-flop and obfuscate, and deny, and lie, and hide dirty secrets, and… well, ALL the crap they do.

      They are in power only because of a major defect in the way electoral maps are drawn in Canada.

  3. ‘New Democrat MP Helene Laverdiere said Fantino’s office had become a “black hole” for aid proposals, with many simply disappearing, while those that do get funding don’t align with Canadian values.’

    Black hole for aid proposals….. good one, Helene.

    Aren’t there qualified secular groups that can be funded with taxpayers’ money ?

  4. Had this been a racist group, I wonder would he have defended the funding in the same way? Until people accept that there is nothing wrong with being gay, we are going to see this type of religiously-inspired homophobia again and again. The mindset has to change. SOME PEOPLE ARE GAY. GET OVER IT!

  5. So will Canada be funding bake sales for the KKK too? as long as the money doesn’t go directly towards promoting racism? Between this and the XL Pipeline, Canada is turning into an evil empire.

    1. … Or Harper’s empire …

  6. AMPisAnglin 12 Feb 2013, 6:28pm

    Think whatever you may about Crossroads Christian Cummincations and the Harper government or the Ugandan government. But the fact remains that this group is proving important humanitarian aid to people. Not to a government. And this aid is being offered to everyone in the area, without discrimination of any kind.

    From this humanitarian aid people, real people, now have clean safe drinking water. Water that is free of disease and pestilence.

    If you feel so very strongly that government funding should not go to a group of Christians who are than enabled to provide this humanitarian aid than are you going to just stand back and let people die? Or will you step forward and fill the void that has been created?
    such aid should not be funded

  7. For the record and for the world to know 100 Huntley Street the location of the anti-Christ in this case is right up the street from one of the gayest high rise residential towers in Toronto. I think we need to have a kiss in right in front of the anti-Christ ministries.
    And Fantino you need to be ashamed of yourself but I guess being catholic you know all about how to abuse the funds of unsuspecting contributors.

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