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Ohio: Mayor resigns after calling police officer ‘queer’

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Reader comments

  1. Well we’re not old fashioned and we don’t like you.

    I hope for your sake that there aren’t too many gay staff preparing your food in the care home you end up in.

  2. Christopher in Canada 11 Feb 2013, 8:55pm

    The retreat of the dinosaur.

  3. Good. That’s the second vicious old cunt to retire this week.

  4. She probably complains about how ill mannered young people of today are and be oblivious to the irony.

    1. “Appalachia” says it all!

      1. Appalachia? I barely know her!

  5. I am sure if she were being attacked. mugged or other criminal act against her she would not then object to a “Queer” police officer stepping in!

  6. 78 year old Mayor? Funny that so many people are accused of being ageist ,but these people forget the world has CHANGED and that it is THEY who are bigots, homophobes etc. etc. etc. You have to EARN respect not just because you are over a certain age that it is socalled ‘Automatic’ My OWN Mother had to be ‘re-educated’ in regard to human rights! She soon got the gist of it! Behave, reform, be caring or ‘get out of my life’ GLTBI are often TOO polite andNICE, treat heteros with a sledgehammer!!!!!!!

  7. Yee-haw!!! And I bet the revolting old bigot still calls black people ‘ni**er’.

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